Romantic Poetry and me

First Monday without a job. In almost three years. This is a bit scary for me right now.

It is scary, not having a job. It is important I keep busy; keep writing this blog; keep applying for new positions. Being a new country girl, this will be more challenging than ever. I cannot drive to town whenever at every whim.

William Wordsworth

My husband’s grandparents borrowed me an old book my parents-in-law found in our garage rafters (we are living in the house my husband’s grandparents built, then sold to my in-laws, who then gave it to us).

A 1928 edition of Romantic Poetry of the Early Nineteenth Century. My dad has a lot of these types of readings in his office; but it only slightly interested me. Now with more time, I would like to learn something. Anything.


2 thoughts on “Romantic Poetry and me

  1. Country life is right up my alley and though I was raised a City Girl, between the screams of the sirens and dogs who howl at them, you can hear the beat of my country heart. The economy does suck right now, but rest assured it will improve with time. To fill in the spaces between looking for work, and writing your blog (which I’m enjoying, by the way), why not wander on over to Mary Jane’s Farm ( or and check out the most useful and entertaining ways of keepin’ busy out in the country (or even city, if you’re like me). Oh and that book is drool-worthy. 😉

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