I understand the concept …

South Dakota housewife

I understand the concept ...

I recently came across a refrigerator magnet (ok, it’s on my fridge) that says, “I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning, but not as it applies to me.” It makes me laugh; and subtly informs guests that this may not be the best meal or cleanest house you’ve ever seen. But look at the magnet, and you’ll understand.

Some days, I do feel this way.

South Dakota housewife


Anyways, this is day two of staying home. The expression ‘woke up on the wrong side of the bed’ definitely applied to me today. I crabbed at my husband for making ‘weak coffee.’ He then proceeded to grab a notepad and pen, asking me to describe to him “how I am feeling, right now.” I said, “I feel frustrated that I woke up to a weak cup of coffee and I refuse to drink this crap.” And like the unprofessional therapist he is, he laughed at me while jotting down ‘frustrated’, ‘angry’, ‘annoyed.’

I am glad he’s a country man, because his advice to cheering up wouldn’t work in America.

My head pounds. I think it’s from the pressure of looking for a new job, managing my time well, and secretly wanting to enjoy the time off. I think I might like staying home. But my husband, however, disagrees.

Stupid economy. I understand the concept … but …


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