Choosing to be grateful

As I have written before, I am about to finish up my first week without a job. A friend from church is going through the same thing; however, her experience with this has been much different from mine. She is struggling with depression; I am loving being at home. We talk about wondering what God is up too, but, must wait upon Him.

Home birth in South Dakota

Midwife assisted birth in South Dakota = illegal

My husband loves this setup as well. We went to town today (20 mile drive) and discussed insurance options with our insurance lady (his mom). This is our only hold back. Insurance is rough. We can make it manageable if I deliver our future babies at home on my own. That should be no problem, right? Some of the women from my church have done it that way. This is actually something I am interested in … but we’ll tackle that when the time comes.

A thankful heart
For now, we’re taking it day-by-day. There is so much to be grateful for:

  • a wonderful husband, who I am proud to be married to
  • our youth not being wasted on bitterness
  • delicious cup of coffee from our small town coffee shop
  • lots of wide, open spaces
  • friends coming over for supper
  • meat to serve provided by my husband (and one from myself)
  • beautiful sunshine

And, of course, our adorable pups.

Bowie - Yorkie #3

One of our three Yorkies, Bowie (like David Bowie from Labyrinth)


5 thoughts on “Choosing to be grateful

  1. We just had a home birth. We had a mid-wife/doula. We were prepared in every way we could be. We had done natural childbirth with our last child, but in the hospital.

    Overall, it was a much better experience to give birth at home than at the hospital. Much cheaper too.

    If you choose to go that route, I’d definitely recommend preparation (maybe a Bradley childbirth class) and hiring a midwife.

  2. Technically, it was illegal in Kentucky where we were too.

    I’d suggest you look into what is actually illegal. In Kentucky, it was not illegal to have your baby at home. It was only illegal to practice mid-wifery without a state license.

    The procedure to get a license in Kentucky is very complicated. So, the woman who delivered her was technically trained as a midwife and nurse, but we referred to her as our doula. It is not technically illegal in Kentucky to have your baby at home with whomever you desire present. So, we got around the law by not calling her our midwife.

    I suspect something similar is probably going on where you are.

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