And the hunting begins …

Trail cam images of growing bucks

Trail cam images of growing bucks

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I enjoyed my two month hunting break. If you could call it a break, anyhow.

I still have to patiently wait while he checks trail cams and drags me along for a run or bike ride to prepare for a Wyoming hunt next month.

This also includes biting my tongue during the constant screeching of tires when he spots those velvet horns sprouting among the corn fields.

But the change in yesterday morning’s routine told me the hunting season has begun. Sunday morning is the only day my man can sleep in, since he works six days a week. But he awoke at 6:30 to let the pups out, came in the bedroom, gave me a kiss, and whispered, “I am going to look for deer, sleep in, baby.” Ok, I mumbled, love you.

When I woke up, to an empty house, I thought dang it, I’m going to miss him. Because this Sunday morning was the beginning of my fall season life:

  • Wyoming hunting,
  • west river hunting,
  • east river hunting,
  • antelope hunting,
  • white tail hunting,
  • mule deer hunting,
  • rifle, muzzle-loader, and bow hunting,
  • hunting shows,
  • hunting gear,
  • hunting buddies,
  • hunting shacks,
  • hunting blinds,
  • tree stands,
  • deer scouting,
  • date night = “driving around” which we all know what that means.

There is much more, I assure you.

South Dakota gal's first buck

My first buck

All this meat keeps us quite well-fed for the whole year, plus anything extra is donated to local Indian reservations. I will get a tag myself, and depending on the tag, will mean I hunt with my husband or my father-in-law.

Let the fun begin!


7 thoughts on “And the hunting begins …

  1. Hi y’all! I’m so happy you left a comment on my blog What Gives 365 today — because I got to see YOUR blog, which I really, really love – and that’s saying something because hunting totally freaks me out — so I’m really happy that I continued to scroll down and read all your writing. I love hearing about your life in South Dakota! I love reading about your dogs and the poems you love. I think your husband is a very lucky man! And I’m glad that wordpress brought us in contact so we can read about each other’s lives and worlds — I’m subscribing to yours right now! Have a lovely night! B

  2. That much hunting?!?! SOOO LUCKY!! I’m in a state with HORRIBLE hunting. No joke. I haven’t gotten anything for over 4 years. So good luck! Happy hunting!

  3. Growing up, we used to have this saying about our father: “If there was a season for field mice, he’d hunt it.” Yeah. My poor mother was a serious Hunting Widow. I haven’t quite yet figured out if you hunt too, or not. I suppose if you did, then that might help ease some of those lonely weekends. But it’s still a long season either way. Myself, I’m a Guitar Widow and a Horse Widow. I used to ride with the guys, but some serious back surgery took me out of contention a decade ago. I still ride, but I go alone. The guys ride weekends, which leaves me waving bye-bye a lot. Ug! The guitar thing is kinda new. So now if he isn’t riding weekends, he’s playing. Yup! Let the games begin! (Fun blog!)

  4. I would be in heaven if I could hunt for 2 months. There is nothing I look forward to more then hunting. Nothing! Hopefully you will learn to love it. If you have not read my bear story, I recommend that you do. Always be prepared. I am blessed that I have found a girlfriend who loves to hunt as much as I do. It makes hunting so much more enjoyable to have someone to go through the woods with. Can’t wait to hear all of your stories.

  5. Well,
    you write well.
    Its very straight forward language and simple enough to be understood by anyone.

    I like this sort of writing. Very well written.

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