South Dakota garden tour

Would you like to take a walk around my garden?

First things first, I must play with my dogs. They will accept nothing less.

South Dakota gal's ranching dog

Play with me, momma.

South Dakota man's little sweetie

Yorkies are common farm dogs. (True or false?)

South Dakota Kitty

Kitty and her new play toy - a fallen apple.

South Dakota's very own Jolly ol' St. Milo

Jolly ol' St. Milo

Where’s Milo, you ask? He is the male of our fur family, so he typically runs off to mark any spot he can. He’s the man. All four pounds of him. But I will post a non-farm photo of him. He’s a little embarrassed by this one.


Anyways, back to the garden tour.

South Dakota gal's coveted sweet potatoes

South Dakota sweet potatoes

To the left of you, you will see our sweet potatoes.

Over 150 plants, these delicious and nutritious Ipomoea batatas keep us fed throughout the winter.

Our favorite is the making of sweet potato pancake batter, which is frozen in individual baggies and thawed the night before use. Scrumptious!
A family tradition has begun!

South Dakota gal's popcorn

South Dakota popcorn

To the right is our popcorn. Movie nights will be all the better. And my husband and I couldn’t be any different with our popcorn preferences. I prefer plain and white; he prefers butter, salt and butter.

Watermelon is a new addition to our garden this year. It is growing like crazy, and takes about two weeks for us to go through one.

South Dakota gal's watermelon

South Dakota watermelon

Fortunately, gardens are a great giving opportunity and many neighbors love the home grown food.

While our garden includes much more than this, I should probably get to it. The harvest is ready.

And my pups want to play, too.


South Dakota garden

The whole vegetable garden, less the fruit plants. The cattle will be in the area behind it come fall.


21 thoughts on “South Dakota garden tour

  1. Beautiful!! I’m so jealous — I only have only tiny strip here that I can put in tomatoes, as I have no sunshine anywhere else! (And hey, i had no idea there was actually a form of corn for popcorn … duhhhh!) Love this post!

  2. Okay, I think I’m jealous’er’ than Betty who posted a comment before I did. 😉

    WOW, it looks awesome and these thumbs of mine are everything BUT green. So when are you sending the supper invitations? (I love sweet potatoes). Make sure you give plenty of directions, I have quite a drive down! And never been to SD, remember? 🙂

    And Betty, dont feel bad, I had to read that twice too… SD popcorn! Hum… Double DUH for me!

    Great post, SD girl.


  3. I’ve just come in from taking photos of my garden to post on a blog with Spring just around the corner in Australia, and here is your fabulous post!! My only hope of growing anything vegetable/fruit related would be in pots, but I’m thinking about giving it a try. Well, at least a herb garden anyway! That watermelon looks delicious!! Thanks for the tour. 🙂

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  12. How beautiful!! And I love the pups and kitty.

    Your garden is just wonderful. I am sure it will bring you many hours of good eating. And how nice to have safe corn for popping.

    So, sweet potato pancakes, eh?

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