South Dakota walk

South Dakota fence fixing

Looks like my man, minus the belly.

South Dakota weather has been beautiful this week.

It has been a perfect 75 degrees during the day; 50 in the morning and night. Ranchers and farmers everywhere are making the most of this weather by fixing fence and equipment.

I decided to take an afternoon walk with my pups. The exercise is always good for them; but is particularly good for me as well.

After figuring out the leash situation (they are not to accustomed to it), we were ready to go.

Down the trail we headed, me tugging lolly-gagging Milo to catch up while losing my voice at Tobi because she runs so far ahead.

The chicken hawk, image from google

The chicken hawk

Ten minutes into our walk, I heard a predatory-like screeching. I look to the sky, and what do I see? A Yorkies worst nightmare: the Chicken Hawk.

Chicken hawks are known for killing chickens, chicks, pheasants (South Dakota’s state bird), rabbits, and not uncommonly, small pets.

This bird circled over us a few times, screeching. I scooped up the three of them, as the impact of the hawk alone could kill them.

I can only imagine the sight the few passing cars had of a gal walking, holding her three dogs.

If they only knew.

While the bird graciously moved on; he’ll be back. Or one like it, anyways. Lurking in the trees, waiting for another opportunity to arise.

It is great the lengths a country girl has to go to protect her animals while admiring the beautiful predators in its natural form.

It’s survival of the fittest out here.

South Dakota chicken hawk likes Yorkies

Please don't eat me, Mr. Chicken Hawk

Please click on image for original location.


11 thoughts on “South Dakota walk

  1. Wow, that would have been scary. Glad you scooped up your babies. Those chicken hawks look pretty fierce, but like you nature is beautiful in it’s raw form and amazing to witness.

  2. Wow! That’s scary! I actually have chicken hawks flying over my back yard on occasion. Tiffy is not allowed outside by herself and we have a lot of trees but it still makes me nervous when I see them circling! I would have picked all my dogs and carried them home as well:)

  3. hi! i came across your blog randomly!

    oh goodnesss – i’d be protecting my dogs, too! i’d rather go outside at night to investigate a strange noise than risk my dog getting hurt!

  4. Your dogs are SO cute! I’d be carrying them, too, although I don’t know how you did it!

    The weather in IL has been amazing this week, too. We’ve all got to soak it up before winter hits.

    Great blog, and thanks for visiting The Wonderwheel today.

  5. Your yorkies must be so cute! We have a lot of hawks (no chicken hawks) where I live too that are always circling but the only damage I’ve ever seen them do is on the golf course. This year because of all the rain, there were a lot of grubs under the grass and the hawks were just chewing up the fairways to get to those grubs.

    I have an adorable cockapoo and I would be protecting him in my arms just like you! He’s like my third child.

  6. Love the pics. I live in a rural area too and recently while walking my dog (off leash) we came across a badger! Yikes! Luckily my dog was ahead of me and once I became unfrozen in my spot I quickly moved to catch up with her. She never noticed the badger. I had my cell phone with me (uncommon) and called home to get a ride!

  7. Your dogs are so cute, I love the pictures! I totally understand your reaction to the chicken hawk, it looks really scary! We don’t have them where I am, but I sometimes have to stop my dog (a little chihuahua-dachshund mix) from chasing raccoons in our backyard.

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