The winning tickets

The country man

My country man

Unsurprisingly, my husband is an avid country music fan.

He spends many a day, row after row, in his tractor listening to the good ol’ boys pour their hearts out with song. When we first began dating, we listened to Garth Brooks incessantly. He was ‘ours’. His songs were written for us.

The AM station he loves often has giveaways to winners of a true and false game. The right caller and soon the winner he was. The prize? Two tickets to a Tracy Lawrence concert.

Tracy Lawrence in concert

Tracy Lawrence (image from Google)

He called me right away, excited to share where he was taking me in a few short weeks. And like a true woman, I put it in the back of my head until the time drew near.

So this Saturday night we sat, waiting for him to come out of his tour bus. It has been a while since I’ve heard his songs. Or any country songs, for that matter. Since our dating days, I’ve grown and changed and where I am in life calls for a different kind of lyric.

While I still enjoy country music, my heart since long left it for the soulful words of worship by some of my favorite artists.

But sitting in the bleachers at the outdoor Indian casino, my heart for country was renewed listening to his deep, smoky voice. His new song “Hard Times” is to be released soon, and it’s beautiful.

Sometimes it’s good to go back.


7 thoughts on “The winning tickets

  1. Good for you guys. It must have been an awesome show. I dont remember the last time I went to a music concert…

    I used to listen to country music too. Now, but for a long while now, I’ve been listening to Christian Rock music on, a Christian station, based out of Moncton, NB, but it is online as well. They play all kinds of Christian rock. “Safe and sound for everyone” is there motto. I find it much more meaningful than other stations with lyrics that are, let’s say, off colour!



  2. i love listening to music from other times; what appeals to me now has changed from what appealed to me then, but it’s so good to be brought back, isn’t it? *Hugs*

  3. I’m always surprised by how much I love a good country song, since I almost never listen to that genre of music — but when I went to Maya Angelou’s 80th birthday celebration in ATL, she had a country singer — it’s HER new favorite music! how about that??! I’ll check out Hard Times — thanks for the hot tip! b

  4. Hi! I stumbled upon your comment on the featured blog today and saw that you’re a SAHW.. and i just had to visit your blog! because I am one too! I thought I was the only one in the world. since most SAH people are moms.

    I love blogging, facebooking, cooking, crafting, photography, taking care of my dog, the house and myself etc. i love the simplicity ! once we’re back in the US though I’m will probably get into something. but ideally i would love to do something creative lol 😛

    just surfed through your blog love it! .. how I wish I live in a farm! and I lovee animals too, once we’re done moving around so much I’m going to have more than just a dog!

    anyway just dropped by to say hi! nice blog!

    cheers, Jah

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