On the hunt

South Dakota farm gal

Country living

On the hunt
No, not that hunt. Not for another month or two, anyways. Job hunting.

Country living does not offer many opportunities to build a career. I found an ad in the paper for a seasonal position working in a hunting lodge. I thought perhaps this could be an opportunity to learn about the business, in case my deer/elk/antelope/moose crazy husband gets a wild idea some day.

After driving north more than 45 minutes into the middle of nowhere, I arrived. The lady was gracious and kind and very enthusiastic for my help. But in the end, I said I don’t think this will work. I have too many outside commitments to be driving that far one direction, only to turn back and drive twice the distance into the south.

Plus, I cook and clean for one man already; cannot imagine fifteen more.

My husband leaves in two weeks to go hunting in the beautiful state of Wyoming. If there is any reason for me to work, it’s to support this man’s addiction. I am the worst of enablers.

I love staying at home. You’d think a girl would go crazy with all this open space and nobody around to talk too. Some days, you’re right. But for the most part, between picking and chopping, canning and freezing, and just plain sitting outside on the deck with my pups admiring the clouds in the sky, this living is alright.

South Dakota country gal

My everywhere shoes. I love these faux moccasins.


12 thoughts on “On the hunt

  1. Speaking of hunting: A long time ago when I worked at a department store during my senior year of high school one of the customers asked me if I liked to go deer hunting; only to declare, “Oh you like hunting two legged deer.” When I hesitated because I’d hadn’t been deer hunting up to that point in my life. Of course its been quite some time that I’ve two legged deer hunting since I caught my one and only two legged dear twenty-eight years ago. Or on second though did she catch me?

  2. Being home all day long, like me, do you find if you listed everything you did in a day, your list would be a long one. It’s so easy to find things to do in the country/farm. I love going to bed at night with the sense of accomplishment of all I do to take care of at our house and on our farm.

  3. Job hunting is impossible- especially when you are trying to find something more career like in the country.

    I was unemployeed for 6 months last year. I am originally from the middle of nowhere 40 min. south of Buffalo, NY, but I stayed w/ friends in Philly instead of moving home. There are no real great job prospects there. And even if there were, the commute would be killer.

    No point in taking something w/ that kind of commute unless you really want it.

    At least you’re happy! That’s impt. Sure, it’s nice to have a job, but it’s good you can enjoy the down time as well. 🙂

  4. Oh, I am a home girl too! The first month I moved back to the ranch, I didn’t leave…for the entire month…and it was bliss. Now I work from home quite a bit and it is a perfect combo (however, poor husband almost has a heart attack when I actually shower and get dressed for the day) Good luck on the hunt 🙂

  5. Did you say this living is “alright”??? Girl, it’s the next best thing to Heaven. And the perfect setting for “novel writing”. Ever considered that?

    I’m a home girl too, and as much as I enjoy my job, if I didn’t have to work outside the hone, I would stay home. I love writing and would love to do just that… Think about it. Is there any thing more rewarding than pouring your thoughts on paper (or into your computer) and have people pay to read your stuff?

    Sounds like so much fun to me 🙂

  6. I loveeeeeeeeee being a stay at home mom.
    Working and balancing my children and home life was way too much for me.
    I also have a panic disorder, so I was having a big issue balancing it all.
    I have been home since April and I feel its by far the best decision I have ever made.
    I have a 3 yr old so he keeps me on my toes. My husband is finishing up school and we are getting our own business off the ground which I will oversee from home. So this really worked out for us.

    5 years ago I was an exotic dancer.. I was always on the go, Travelling from club to club. Living the fast life…
    Now life is completely different and wonderful… never in a million years would I have ever thought this is where I would end up… But life is funny that way.

    I love being a mommy and I love doing crafts with my kids and going to the park and cooking everyday for my hubby.

    just thought I would share.

  7. Glad your visit to my blog led me to yours. Before my life here in Armenia I would never have imagined enjoying a life like you’re living now. But after being here for over a year, now a life of eating fresh food, canning, cooking, enjoying the outdoors, makes me want to move to Wyoming (that and some books by Gretel Ehrlich). Glad you’re enjoying it!

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