Lipstick on me

South Dakota gal applies lipstick often

A lipstick applying pro

For the first time in my 26 and 3/4 years on this earth, I discovered lipstick. I was content with chapstick and lip gloss until last month.

I checked eBay for a deal, and found 5 MK lipsticks for under 20 dollars.  Here are the colors, from favorite to least:

  1. Apple berry
  2. Red
  3. Sunset
  4. Garnet Frost
  5. Hibiscus

Apple berry is not too red, not too pink. It compliments my skin tone best, or so I hope. Hibiscus is an interesting color, but learned this shade (for me) is better used as a blush. Special thanks to Bonnie Hunt for this tidbit.

I dab some lipstick on before walking and smile to the few cars and tractors that pass by. It has a subtle way of adding color to what could otherwise be a gray day. Or pale face.


South Dakota gal's lipstick kisses

South Dakota gal's lipstick kisses

Evidence of my discovery has shown up around the farm. If you could see closer, Milo is sporting some red highlights.

He doesn’t know.

When I draw it on, I blend in more with my beautiful, vibrant surroundings. I fit in with the fruitful apple trees; the growing garden and dark green blades of grass.

Even the cows admired.

South Dakota country gal's cows even stopped to admire

South Dakota country man's cows

For photo credit, please click on images. Of course, the cows and pup are mine.


14 thoughts on “Lipstick on me

  1. I’m picturing you all glammed up on the farm now! I’ve still not mastered the art of lipstick in my 33 1/2 years. I stick to my trusty gloss with a hint of colour. I get scared when I see strong colours on my lips – but love it on other people! It’s Spring in Australia – might be time I rustled up a little colour! 🙂

  2. Lipstick is one of those things that can completely change a person’s face, it costs so little and takes no time at all to apply, and it’s appreciated by everyone, even dogs.

  3. Love it! I am JUST writing a post about lipstick too–it took me almost 24 years to find the shade that looks good on me–muave! Who knew?!
    Also–I love your blog! I’m the opposite–I was a country girl who married a city boy :). Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures!

  4. I’m a HUGE lipgloss fan and was convinced lipstick wasn’t for me. I thought it was always too bright, no matter what shade I wore. Then the other day in sephora I decided to try one and LOVED it. Suddenly a whole new world opened up to me. Very exciting!

  5. Lipstick can definitely brighten up a day! I’m awful with keeping up with it though – I have a nasty habit of biting my lip so it’s usually worn off in a few hrs, but when it’s on, it definitely lifts me up a little 🙂 Glad you enjoyed yours so much!

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