Fall cometh; husband goeth

What a perfect time of the year to be staying home. Any other time, specifically during South Dakota winters, I’d be singing a whole different tune. Let’s hope I have something to do by then.

South Dakota gals pup

Milo in the remnants of corn cut for silage.

Waking up around 7, I make coffee while my husband takes the dogs out. I am the only one in the house who uses indoor plumbing. It’s important I do.

After we read, we eat breakfast and talk about our day. He teases me that the pups tell him what I do all day; so speak truthfully.

My husband leaves tonight for a hunting trip. It will be me with my dogs and a .22 pistol.

While I know I will miss him, it is good for a man to spend time away from it all. It’s the wonderful way they were created. Just like it’s refreshing for me to spend time in a good book. Or wearing something fitting. Or the act of getting pretty.

I wouldn’t want him to be any different.

I hope he comes back with his biggest yet, and I look forward to cold winter nights eating from it. There is something special about food with a story … let’s hope this is a good one!

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Love you, handsome


18 thoughts on “Fall cometh; husband goeth

  1. Hi! I saw your comment on Average Girl’s blog, and as a fellow country gal, I knew I had to check you out! Very cute doggies!! I hope you have a great few days to yourself. And remember, if all else fails, nothing scares away the boogers like the sound of a shot gun cocking. It’s a “I should have worn my brown pants” sound to everything in the world.

    I added you to my blogroll so I can keep up with your country doings.

  2. Yep. There is nothing wrong with time apart, so long as it is not for too long and/or too often! Loving your photos too, have seen some in other posts as well – very impressive. What crops do you have? We plant maize, sorghum, corn, chick peas and wheat mainly.

    • Hi! So glad you stopped by! I love hearing from people from other countries – especially someone with a similar life as me! We plant corn, beans, wheat, and cane, mostly. Cane is a crop farmers often plant to bring in more pheasants (our state bird) for hunting season. We also have cattle, which is a big market.

  3. Your Yorkie is adorable! I agree, relatively brief periods of time apart can be very healthy for a marriage; refreshing for both and you really appreciate each other even more. Fall is my favorite time of year – I wish there were more of these glorious months!

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  5. What a fantastic photo! Love how much you dig your hubby. Not enough women in the world that are so madly in love with their spouses 😉

    It’s amazing to me how our men come back from hunting (prize or no prize in hand). I can see it in my husband… it’s that look of great accomplishment, of calm. Men were born to be out in the wild hunting… it’s just in their bones 😉 Good for you for supporting your man in his hobbies!

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