Into the wild

My husband called yesterday at noon after finding reception at the top of a mountain. He sent a photo of his view, and it was breathtaking. Literally, for him. All the running and exercising in preparation for Wyoming’s high altitudes was not enough. Maybe you could never prepare for it, really.

Wyoming Mountains

Wyoming Mountains

My husband tread through snow on the mountains. There is always snow.

Wyoming Mountains

Wyoming Mountains

I hope I hear from him again. And I hope he is seeing such beauty.

Wyoming flowers

Wyoming flowers, photo taken during our first year anniversary trip

Beauty like we saw when he took me elk hunting in the Black Hills of South Dakota (where I was born and raised). In the morning we awoke and crawled out of our tent, his bow in hand and ready to hunt.

South Dakota elk hunting

Black Hills, South Dakota

While I didn’t capture on film the sight we saw that morning, it’s clear in my mind … and his. The herd of over 50 elk slowly making their way up hill. One bull in the lead and two on the side. This is their pattern of gathering up all the cows (female elk) and keeping them close as breeding approaches. They stopped and watched us as we watched them.

Black Hills, South Dakota

Black Hills, South Dakota

I hope I hear from him today. But if I don’t, that’s alright. Something is stirring up in him right now.

Something that can often be found in the wild.

Update 9/17: He called last night! No deer as of yet, and they’re feeling a bit discouraged. He and his friend hope to try a different spot today. However, he mentioned meeting some other hunters with ‘pack goats’ to carry the meat and some of the load. He said something about readying myself for a new pet!


9 thoughts on “Into the wild

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely — makes me miss the West so badly!! (I always remember the best two weekends in the high country for autumn colors are the last two in September.) Your husband is a LUCKY man — for so many reasons!!

  2. you really make me want to visit your part of the country. it’s funny how easy it is to stick to East and West coast travels only.

  3. Man, your scenery sure is nice! Especially to someone who lives on the plains. I would LOVE to live in the mountains. Or at least where I could see them.

    The pack goat thing cracked me up. Smart though! I hope he has good luck.

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