Sweet sights of fall

Nature voyeurism
Up until the opening of bow/muzzle loader/rifle season, my husband has trail cameras set up all around. He asks me to come along while he checks to see if South Dakota’s world record muley has shown up. While we see some nice ones now and then, the card is usually full of raccoons stealing the corn or apples he’s laid out for Mr. Big Horns.

South Dakota mule deer

Most of the photos I am going to share with you today are ones my husband would delete in a breath. No horns, no glory.

South Dakota mule deer

Cautious creatures

But I think there is something beautiful about their nature.

South Dakota mule deer

Twin fawns ... watching for their momma.

Like how a mother doe can carry, deliver, and feed two fawns successfully on her own. Not to mention protect them from predators and highways.

South Dakota mule deer

Found her. Momma's working on her new winter coat.

South Dakota mule deer
South Dakota mule deer

The time is near that makes the smartest of bucks risk it all to pass their genes on.

South Dakota mule deer

And that time of the year is around the corner.

South Dakota mule deer

Battle of the big horns.

This may sound a bit strange, but I love seeing bucks and bulls fight. There is something about seeing them so determined to win the opportunity to ensure their line carries on.

That could explain why Gladiator and Legends of the Fall are two of my favorite movies.

Oh, and my husband came back sore and tired as ever. Apparently those Wyoming hills are quite steep? And while they came back empty-handed, it wasn’t counted all as loss.

South Dakota country man

South Dakota man standing on Wyoming's Man Peak

Home sweet home.

South Dakota country man


8 thoughts on “Sweet sights of fall

  1. What gorgeous photos of beautiful animals! We have deer here too, but there’s too much building going on and we’re seeing less and less of them in our yards and more lying dead on the roadways. It’s sad; we moved here for the open fields, farms, and woods and got stuck in a developing frenzy. Glad hubby is back home!

  2. Great pictures! I love to watch the courtship ritual of various species too! (Especially birds!) Kinda makes me think some humans need to work on their wooing skills a bit more. No doubt about it, in the animal kingdom the females call the shots! (And get stuck with the lion’s share of the offspring-rearing, too …)

  3. These are stunning! Deer is my mother’s favorite animal and they always remind me of her…which is a wonderful thing on a Monday at work, 700 miles away from her. Thank you for sharing!

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