South Dakota rain

Rain, rain, rain
As I sit here typing this at 8 in the morning, we have 1.5 inches of rain accumulated. My South Dakota bones tell me it’s not letting up anytime soon. Of course not. It is pouring. It is cold. It is melancholy. But it sure it a beautiful sound.

Yesterday it rained quite a bit in the morning, and my husband came home at noon to make a trip into town. So I sat in the library while he ran errands. When he got home, his boss told him to call it day due to the rain. I love those days!

We ordered him some new boots (that man goes through boots like it’s nobody’s business) and some work jeans from Overstock. Most of the men’s jeans had diamond-like studded back pockets. So thankful my man does not match my clothing. But we found some work jeans that looked sturdy and will hopefully last a year.

Books, books, books
So here I sit, reading. I’m in my cozy gray sweater that my husband says looks pretty on me and I have a warm drink in my hands. I just took out a few loaves of zucchini bread from the oven. Had it turned out presentable, I might have considered taking a photo to share. Unfortunately, it’s appearance would dock me a few “housewife” points. That’s ok; I know someone who’ll eat it anyways.

South Dakota gal's book

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

I am currently reading Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. My librarian aunt recommended it to me. Well, my husband’s aunt.

But our love of books and our sometimes somber attitude makes me feel more connected to her than the others. I am sure she’s not always like that. It only makes me like her more.

My husband should get off early. He has a meeting with a government worker about some land.

Land is getting harder and harder to come by because the richer folk come through and pay a pretty penny, only to divide the land into lots and place houses on them. Most farmers cannot compete with them.

I’ll probably write up how it turns out. We’ll find out in October.

South Dakota rain

South Dakota rain ... a nice day for a good read, don't you think?

South Dakota kitty

She is relentless this morning - hanging from the screen window!


18 thoughts on “South Dakota rain

  1. Your life sounds so cozy and serene. Yes, chilly, rainy days are perfect for a warm sweater and good book. I love those days; I can’t stand heat. Today we’re having Indian summer here – around 90 and very humid. Ugh. I can’t wait for fall temps!

  2. I worry so much about farmland and how it’s getting harder for farmers to hold on to their land when developers can snap it up, cut it up, and flip it for a profit. That’s why one of my favorite organizations is American Farmland Trust … it’s really, really important to support family farms like yours! (btw, i have a great zucchini bread recipe…it’s pretty foolproof!)

  3. Love your blog!

    I can’t wait for real fall to get here! It’s a little cooler today but still not sweatshirt weather. Definitely going to take my sweater hiking this weekend!

  4. Ah yes, rainy days. Sometimes I like them, sometimes …. not. And the whole land development thing … well, don’t get me started. I could rant for hours. Makes me sick. You wouldn’t believe what the dreaded developers have done to my area. I seriously detest them in a very un-Christian way. Sorry. I’m working on forgiving them, but I haven’t made very much progress. I’m not sure how to go about forgiving this sort of greed, that hurts so many and so much.

    • If things don’t work out well in October, I will be sharing the same boat with you!

      In our area, it’s not so much developers as it wealthy hunters or other farmers who operate most of the farming in this area. We have one family around here that eats up anything they can get, because they can. There is no way my husband, or his father, for that matter, could compete with their corporation.

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  6. You’ve got some nice photos on here! If you get a chance, check out a sample chapter of my novel and send a pic in. It’s just for fun. The novel’s already finished. I don’t know anybody in SD, so the pics here are a really interesting glimpse into life there. Thanks for sharing!


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