Out my window

So I was feeling all sorry for myself because it seemed like everyone was seeing turtles today and I had yet to see one this fall.

As I meandered over to the kitchen sink to wash my hands, what did I see out my window?

A turtle!

South Dakota windowIsn’t he cute? Maybe it will help if I get closer.

South Dakota windowHi Turtle!

South Dakota turtleHe was so happy to see me. I could tell by the way he batted his googly eyes at me.

South Dakota windowNow, I know what you may be thinking. These photos sorta look the same. But you’d be completely wrong! Turtle has lots of great angles, and I captured them as best I could.

South Dakota window


South Dakota window

Look at those pudgy little arms. If he wasn’t a snapper, I’d squeeze ’em.

South Dakota window

Oh, ok ... bye Turtle!

Gosh it was a good day!


28 thoughts on “Out my window

  1. Oh, that was GREAT! I can’t believe he just sauntered into your yard! And I agree, he’s very photogenic from any number of angles… a real beauty! Plus, you were on my mind because we were in Savannah this weekend and walked into a groovy vintage shop and the couple running the store had a Yorkie … and he was a complete character! They really are the most adorable dogs … Have a fun day!

  2. How neat is that? I just started blogging and I think I’ll be much like you. My interests are the wild things that make their way to our house. I have a small box turtle as a pet and we have plenty of snapper turtles on the roads in my area but I’ve never seen one walking around in my yard. I guess that’s like me finding an Armadillo in my yard. Only thing is, they’re not rare around here! Thanks again for sharing and keep it up!

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  4. The way you write about your life reminds me of the things I like the most about living. I have country moments all the time in my San Francisco backyard. Can’t really get away if that is your thing.

  5. Awesome photos! I love turtles, be it those that live on land or in the sea. I’ve had the pleasure of researching endangered species of turtles (Diamondback Terrapins). And there’s a pond in the park I live by that is the home to hundreds of turtles. Thanks for sharing these photos–they made me smile! ๐Ÿ˜€

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