Running along

Lately I run the long paved road past our driveway, avoiding semis, combines, and pickups. Most days I feel thankful for their presence and protection while on the highway; other times I am biting my tongue when cars don’t have the common courtesy to move to the side.

Why do the tractors, pickups, and other farm transportation graciously and smoothly move to the side, while cars do not? Because they don’t have to, that’s why. Which is why most days, I am pretty darn grateful for this country life and these country people. Because they most certainly do not have to move out of the way for me … but they do.

Other days, I wonder how on earth a businessman’s girl ended up on the farm.

Ah, yes
Oh yeah, I remember. It’s that country boy. Curse me and those young hormones. And those country songs. And those country dances. And the barn parties. And his great smile.

Why does he have to smile like that? It’s that smile and intoxicating country music that’s brought me to the middle-of-nowhere.

Even greater yet, how is it that I am made for this place?

South Dakota gal's man

I have no idea.

South Dakota cane

Cane bringing pheasants in for hunters.

To say that this has been an easy transition would be a lie.

South Dakota gal

Popcorn is about ready. Me. Husband. Good movie. Here we come!

It has been hard. Challenging. Frustrating. Wild. But I have a feeling I am going to look back on these days as some of the best of my life.

South Dakota sweet potatoes

Sweet potato peeking out ... see it?

And, God knows I don’t like easy. So this is a natural fit, after all.

South Dakota field

South Dakota field


17 thoughts on “Running along

  1. And this is so great to read, and it gives some warm to hearts that reads it… “the country boy” and the “warm smile” and all that stuff that made you dreamed and set hormones alive. When love beckons, we can never be again where we would have ever dreamed to be. And as you think of that past, there is a lulling sensation of belonging where you were meant to be. I love this entry.

  2. I can’t believe you are growing popcorn. I didn’t even know you COULD grow popcorn. Seriously, you make country living look and sound like the best thing EVER! (how long have you been a country wife??) — p.s. great photos!!!

  3. I love your blog so much. I’m a country girl converted to the city. Transitions both ways aren’t always easy, but I think we all end up living the life we were made for. Gorgeous pics. xx

  4. I read this today and thought of you. It’s from an article in a 1959 American Heritage magazine titled “Pioneers in Petticoats” about women who embarked on wagon trains to the untamed American West.

    Lovely, willowy Amanda [Burks of Cotulla, Texas] was as tough as a boot and as feminine as a magnolia blossom, and she was doing just what she wanted to do. Years later, as an old lady whose eyes were still big and blue, she told her story in The Trail Drivers of Texas.

    “What woman, youthful and full of spirits and the love of living,” she asked in the genteel accents of a southern belle, “needs sympathy because of availing herself of the opportunity of being with her husband while at his chosen work in the great out-of-door world?”

  5. Humans are an adaptive bunch, aren’t we? Where a lot of us go wrong is not finding happiness in the life we’ve adapted to. It’s nice to read through your posts and see that you’re making the most of it. Love is wonderful thing. It makes it all worth it. You’ll also find me willing to go to the ends of the earth following that man of mine – no matter where he roams 😉

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