Where the antelope roam

AntelopeCountry man is at it again.

This time it’s to harvest himself an antelope.

Fortunately, this trip will take him only four hours away, unlike the last one that was a 14 hour drive.

So he leaves at 3:00 in the early morn to meet up with a couple of guys for the excursion.

Last year’s antelope hunt he was home the same day he left.

My husband and I love antelope in the cold of winter. It goes well with a hot cup of coffee and a side of sweet potatoes.

Bidding on Land
Remember a while back when I mentioned my husband was preparing paperwork to bid on land? That was today. It started at 10 and he called me at 11:15. I knew instantly by the sound of his voice that he was disappointed. An unknown woman paid a very high dollar for this particular ground. Only time will tell what her plans are.

Now, this is not the world’s worst outcome by any means. I am not complaining. This is life.

This is one of my favorite things about life: it’s full of surprises. Sometimes challenging and often ugly, but mostly beautiful and sweetly wonderful.

South Dakota's pomegranate

Our growing pomegranate tree


8 thoughts on “Where the antelope roam

  1. “But I know the outcome was for the best. ”

    I like to say that things always happen for a reason. It is so hard when you’ve hoped and dreamed, but it never comes to fruition. I always take comfort in the fact that not too far down the road, the “reason” will become known.

    Good luck to you both. I hope this particular outcome manages to open other opportunities in ways that are yet to be realized…

  2. I have a pomegranate tree as well, but it took on too much heat this summer and most of the leaves have fallen off. How do you keep yours so beautiful, and blooming?? Is it always indoors?

    • Yes, we keep it indoors almost always. In the May-June season we set it outside, usually bringing it in at night. We do this with our banana, coffee, and lemon dwarf trees as well. And I water them every other day. The trees sit level to our bay window facing the south, which gives them an adequate amount of sunlight. Good luck with your pomegranate, and thanks for stopping in!

  3. And how is Country Man? Hope his hunts are going well and he is keeping his powder dry.
    Moi? Want to get out in the field again, matter of fact cleaned the .243 last night ( Bit different than the M16A2 I’m used to….But thats a whole ‘nother story….) ….Been way too many years, will have to learn all over.
    Well written blog….

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