A Marriage Built on Dreams

When young, you have the luxury of dreaming big because by this point, you’ve only had a small taste of life. Or a small taste of the hardships in life, that is. So your mind doesn’t dwell on fears, what ifs, when, how. All you know is the world somehow runs circles, and you sit comfortably in the center.

Life continues. You are married now, and soon you realize there is not room for two people in the center. There is actually not even room for one person, and never was, but you were unaware of that before. So you hold tight to those youthful dreams, and trust it will carry you through the bumpy travels.

Our dream started after we fell in love. That didn’t take long.
We drove around night after night on my weekend breaks from college.
See this quarter of land?

South Dakota land

I see, I said, as we drove over the hill. It looked like any other piece of ground I’d seen before. Nothing spectacular.

South Dakota hills

But this how dreams are formed. When something ordinary becomes something extraordinary, because you’ve taken the time to see what’s really there.

South Dakota land

The view from the quarter of ground

Ah, now I see.

South Dakota land

It wasn’t much later while dating that he proposed to me in this spot, overlooking the river hills.

South Dakota land

So to see the land sold, to an older women with her own dreams, was disheartening.

South Dakota land

It is hard to let go of a dream. A dream that has been a part of us since he got down on one knee, with the deer and cattle watching embedded in the river hills. If we lose our dreams, our hope, we’ll lose a part of us.

At the same time, it is incredibly refreshing to know this journey doesn’t stop here. Our dreams and our “us” can be redefined.

South Dakota sky

We must hold tight to our dreams.


11 thoughts on “A Marriage Built on Dreams

  1. Those are beautiful pictures and gorgeous country. I’m sorry you lost this special piece of land, but you’ll always have the memories of that special day, even if you don’t own the land. Your dreams will grow and continue on. And your love will remain strong with faith and strength, regardless of where you live. Let’s hope the woman who now owns the land treats it with the same respect and care that you would have.

  2. I honestly believe that life puts you where you’re supposed to be — and every door that closes is an opening somewhere else. You and your husband sound like you’re so much in love, I’m sure life has something really special in store for you! Believe it!!

  3. This post really tugged at my heartstrings. I’m the kind of person who gets overly “attached” to a piece of land. In some ways, I’ve never really let go of my homeland, the farm where I was raised. And not because that’s where I grew up, but because I so loved the land. I knew every nook and cranny, spent so many hours walking and riding it, that I felt a kind of connectedness to it, like it was “mine.” But alas, it was not. And now, albeit small, I have my own hunk of land. I’ve worked and molded this land for twenty-four years and though I’ve grown to love it, I don’t think it’s the “special” place I’m meant to be. I’m not sure why I say that. I guess I pictured something bigger or different. I don’t know. I’ve always said I suffer from “land envy.” When I see your pictures of rolling hills and vast planes, I get this yearning for more. But here I sit, in congested, claustrophobic CT, where if you have six acres people say you live in the “country.” Ug.

    Hang in there! God will put you right where He wants you to be! 🙂

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and I really enjoy your writing. I liked what you said:

    “You are married now, and soon you realize there is not room for two people in the center. There is actually not even room for one person, and never was, but you were unaware of that before.”

    You speak the truth! God always has a better plan for us than anything we can come up with.

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