Wander this world not alone

A pair of shoes can speak a lot about a woman. Like most of my female companions, I wear all sorts, as one does hats in the roles of life. My various styled shoes have taken me through my first steps, first dance, ballet lessons, sports, campus life, down the aisle, and now to a land far, far away. Each pair represented the place I was at in life, whether sashaying across the dance floor in a pink tutu or walking towards the man who would become my husband.

As a one time “city” (for South Dakota) girl, these old high-heeled shoes now wander a different path … and usually only graces the outdoor world once a week on Sunday, if the weather is accommodating. Which is rare, by the way.

Looking back, I am not sure these shoes expected to enter a world like this.

South Dakota gal's shoes

Into the earthy, tilled ground where I watched the fruits of our labor grow … and end with autumn.

South Dakota gal's garden
South Dakota gal's garden

To reach up for choice pick of sweet, crisp apples …

South Dakota gal's garden
Offering a boost to jump on bales, and then proceed to run across, that much closer to the sky …

South Dakota gal's shoes

My shoes have guided me through fields of cane to flush pheasants, only to pray these out-of-state hunters know how to hold their excitement long enough to run a shotgun …

South Dakota gal's a helper

I’ve went round and round this place, running from my pups as they chased my heel …

South Dakota gal

Shoes have taken me into sticky situations – and out, plenty of times.

South Dakota gal

I’ve driven a tractor to lighten the load for my husband …

South Dakota gal

And kissed him goodbye to this morning sky …

South Dakota gal

Yes, these shoes have taken me places. But for now, the shoes have been replaced with bare, calloused feet to dig beneath the dirt and flutter through the grass. And when I need something for this country life, I have a new pair to throw on.

South Dakota gal

I think I’ll be wearing these shoes for quite sometime – wherever this life takes us.

South Dakota gal


40 thoughts on “Wander this world not alone

  1. They both look like serious business. Just opposites. I like the city and the country for different reasons but don’t think either is better. Just different. Enjoying your insights and all the photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Loved the pics and the post! My heels usually get out once a week and going to “town” today to purchase a new pair of boots. The ones I have are probably at least 10 years old, may have to buy two pairs, one practical and one cute! Although yours seem to be both! I hope you are enjoying nice fall weather as most of the Midwest seems to be doing right now.
    Soon you won’t be wearing those bare feet in the dirt and grass but spring will come again. Ahhh what a feeling, bare feet in the spring grass *sigh*.

  3. By far, the most interesting, compelling and artistic pic here are the shoes on the wagon wheel. Even the large rock in the lower right hand corner adds to the image.

    The one shoe on the front fender of the John Deere is also very compelling.

    Good job!

  4. I really enjoy your blog!
    I’m from British Columbia, up here in Canada. My home is oceans and rugged mountains. I love the pictures of your farmland, they remind me of the Alberta prairies.

    I also have a deep longing for a country life. I grew up in a rural area, but my house was beside the highway, so it wasn’t growing up in the sticks, per se. I love the country and it’s simplicity, but haven’t experienced “real country”.

    I look forward to reading more from you

  5. Haha! Your shoes really get around, huh?

    The pictures of your kitten were really adorable!

    I know what you mean by varying shoes being the equivalent to the “many hats” we wear. I own a worn in pair of boots, multiple high heels for fun, several sensible heels for professional endeavours, and too many running and hiking sneakers. Each of my shoes tells about a whole different person–although they all have one thing in common, I love being a farmer’s wife.

    Great post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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