Thankful Thanksgiving Thankfulness

I am not real sure if that title makes sense. Oh well. We westerners like to set aside one day to the holy of holy gratitudes: Thanksgiving. Ta Da! However, I am going to be a rebel and dedicate all my November Tuesdays to this theme.

Will you join me?

My top five reasons for being thankful …

1. My fur munchkins. They say having an animal can stave off depression, because it gives a person something to focus on and nurture. Well, I have three – so no Valium for this girl. Or maybe three is going overboard; an overwhelming amount of responsibility. In that case, we won’t write off the pills just yet.

South Dakota gal's Yorkies

My sister is holding them all. They love it?

2. Good smelling things, like Pomegranate body wash or roses or my man’s cologne.

3. My lil’ sis. She is in Portland now, and is trying to get by on a server’s wage. Sister doesn’t stay in one place too long, so I don’t see any big diamond rings in the future. Plus, she’s not easy to handle, as she tends to hold nothing back.

For example, in the last week she has publicly announced on Facebook that crackhead tippers are the best, her cramps are horrible and she’s ready for a niece or nephew. She is definitely our mother’s daughter.

South Dakota gal's sister

Baby sis

South Dakota gal's sister

Grown up sis

4. Coffee. I am drinking it as we speak and feeling quite thankful for it’s warmth and comfort.

5. Mom and Dad. It is funny how as you get older, you want to get to know them more. You realize life is mortal, and any moment they could croak. Well, I hope they stick around a while, because I am thankful for them!

South Dakota gal's mother

My momma - probably around my age.

South Dakota gal's Dad

Dad as a youngster. Don't worry - mom didn't marry him when he was this age. He is a year older than her.

What is something you’re thankful for? Oh, do share!


20 thoughts on “Thankful Thanksgiving Thankfulness

  1. You have a beautiful family – the furry ones and the human ones as well! 🙂 Family is my top pick of thankful blessings (and I include our puppy in that!), coffee is another, followed closely by cocoa on a snowy winter day. Autumn colors, good friends, and interesting reading – I have a LOT to be thankful for!

  2. Great post! I am definitely thankful for my coffee and my family, furry and otherwise and not necessarily in that order, but I’ll have to work on the rest of the list…too many things. You should send in pictures of your dogs for “dog of the week” they are just so cute:)

  3. There are many things I am thankful for and I think I listed 100 things on my blog a few weeks ago. May need to revisit and expand the list. Family of course tops the list, Parents, husband, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles…. God for providing us this wonderful place we call home. Thankful that everyone is taking a little time out to count their blessings instead of focusing on all that is wrong in the world.
    Your sister is beautiful and wonderful to hear that she speaks her mind, no playing games with her. I love those people (well I am usually one of them).
    Keep being thankful, looking forward to seeing what else you are thankful for.

  4. This is really so heartwarming. I personally love seeing those very, very, very old photographs. It’s a pity I dont have many in my family, of my great grandparents and all. You are so lucky!

  5. I’m thankful that I found your blog .. and your photos which remind me of my prairie home, and I’m thankful for how you write, and how many times I’ve laughed out loud reading your “stuff.” Thankful Tuesdays = great idea 🙂

  6. I’m grateful for my children, my grandchildren, that my soldier is home from Iraq and ok, I’ll admit it.. that I’m happy and grateful.. that our daughter left her young puppy with me when she went off to Winona State U!!!! His name is James, a 2-1/2 year old black lab, he’ll bark-telling ya “he LOVES Grandma!” he’s my little sidekick, roadtrips, etc.. don’t tell on me k??.

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