Birds of a Feather

I am not going crazy. I refuse to do it.

Living out here in the middle of nowhere, too far from town to justify leisure trips, can be a bit daunting. You soon find things that don’t matter (like is the Carlos on this season’s Desperate Housewives played by a different actor? – I must know!) become very Google-worthy. And I don’t even watch the show. I just happened upon a photo of him, and it was imperative I discovered the truth. It is still him, by the way. He shaved his facial hair for a new role. Now if that ain’t worth the stop over here …

South Dakota gal's a bird watcher

Chirp chirp!

While spending the time I can outside, throwing a fun pity party for myself that even my dogs won’t attend, despite my neatly-crafted invitations, I noticed the birds are going wild about this time. Not only are they incredibly loud, but quite inconsiderate of my no-loud-noises party. But no, they don’t care. They seem to be enjoying their own party; a choir sendoff as they travel south for the winter.

South Dakota gal's a bird watcher

As I grumble and glare at them, something begins to happen in me … I soften and allow their constant chirping to sing to my heart. I begin to forget about this maddening of my mind, the solitude of my soul. The birds remind me that I am never truly alone, despite what authors and directors try to message with their depressing stories.

South Dakota gal's nature walk

The feelings of loneliness arise occasionally, but we are never completely alone. Especially when we take time to step outside.

No, I am not going mad. I am refusing it.

South Dakota gal's scenery

As old Albert Einstein once said “A person can start to live when he can live outside himself.”


15 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

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  2. Exactly so. I live quite isolated and by myself quite a bit as my husband travels overseas. I appreciate how you have been feeling. Keep busy ….. and writing!

  3. Sometimes, even living in a city of more than 8 million people, I feel isolated and lonely. I think it is in how you live your life, as opposed to where you live your life. Thank goodness for blogging, google and beautiful surroundings!

  4. This reminds me of growing up on the farm in Canada. Nothing but fields, trees, the sound of silence. We had some squaky blue jays and crows in the trees behind the house. I like your post 🙂

  5. when i have no one to talk to, i have this chat with myself (inside my head :mrgreen: not out loud, of course). sometimes i feel amused with this private chat, but sometimes i feel sad and lonely bcoz i need a real person to talk to. not just by chatting, sending texts or email, writing blog-post. but a real face-to-face chat 😳

    anyway, i enjoy this post. the pictures can really represent the post 🙂

    oh, and, i blogroll you, hope thats ok.

  6. Bonjour.
    I am french and i live in Québec Canada.
    I sea your Picture ans it’s nice ..I love the one whith shoe and apple its sexy!

    It’s nice to live in contry …and contry muisic..

    I love the old picture and it’s good idea to put in the blog…

    Bye ,,,

  7. And than sometimes…if not going crazy just simply am for no reason at all and welcome it now.

    Relate only too well…

    A country bumpkin in the middle of nowhere myself!

    Off the grid and sometimes, off the mind!

    Nice post and some good reads…,


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