We’ll be inside if you need anything … or not

South Dakota gal's pups

It’s a really cold day here in the beautiful land of South Dakota. Even Bowie can attest to that, as she snuggled up in Country Man’s arm. More of a headlock, really.

And when you’re faced with below zero temperatures, the most natural thing to do is stay inside, eat and veg out in front of the tube, right?


As soon as we got in the house Sunday, he was dressing me in camo while I protested. He was dressing me, and I had no intentions of making this easy on him.

Afterward, we hopped in the pickup and headed over to some promising spots, hoping to find me the perfect buck.

South Dakota country man

No amount of cranking the heat makes up for the window rolled down.

I munched on sunflower seeds, and squealed like a pig when I found a mini-Snickers bar in the back of his pickup. Not real sure how long it had been there, but I ate it, nonetheless.

South Dakota gal eating

Now, I don’t claim to be the great white hunter or anything. I mostly took pictures and nodded in agreement when he pointed some decent bucks out and about, as they openly exposed themselves to all the neon orange waiting in the trees. Beautiful? Yes. Thinking straight during rut? No.

South Dakota gal's hunting

So we drove around, shutting the ignition off and rolling down windows to keep a low profile. It’s November … in South Dakota … remember? This is the stuff I deal with.

South Dakota gal

South Dakota gal

Swim, anyone?

South Dakota hunting

But all is well that end’s well, right? Because about 45 minutes later, we spotted some bucks chasing a doe (isn’t she special?) and they kindly stood there, watching us approach. He didn’t have a chance with Annie Oakley here.

South Dakota gal's 2010 buck

My 2010 buck

Another memory is made, scrumptious food is stored in the freezer (and some of it off to a local reservation), and these dreadful camo clothes are back in the tote for another cold, windows rolled down season known as rifle hunting.

Cuddles, anyone?

South Dakota gal's pups

Brrr ... stay warm, everyone!


17 thoughts on “We’ll be inside if you need anything … or not

  1. Sure was a beautiful buck. Kind of sad that they’re so trusting to expose themselves like that, not realizing they’re in danger. Glad your freezer’s full though, that should help make your winter a bit warmer. I didn’t realize it’s so cold already in SD – you’re a hardy person to be able to smile while outside in those temps!! Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Haven’t hunted in years ( Was on the wrong end of the gunfire in the Middle East, but that doesn’t count….). Doubt that I could hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle. Hell, if it had been me a-shootin’, the buck would have caught the lady he was chasing….
    If I’ve already said all this, keep in mind I’m getting old; dreaded OFS ( Old Fogey Syndrome…. ).
    Glad you filled your freezer. Have a nice holiday an’ keep your powder dry….

    • Wow – congrats!! That is such a cool photo of the dog. And if you have the patience and time to take some hunting photos, they would be neat. Especially tree stand ones. My husband has videoed deer, which we love to watch. Same with trail cam photos – you never know what you’re going to come across!

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