Happy Thanksgiving from South Dakota!

All of us from good ol’ South Dakota would like to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to you and yours!

Happy Thanksgiving from South Dakota gal

Remember, even a holiday gathering with good intentions can become a place of chaos and fighting. So relax …

South Dakota wife's Bowie

Listen …

South Dakota gal's Bowie

And stay close to the ones you love!

South Dakota gal's pups


6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from South Dakota!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…..Give the Old Man a hug for me….
    Going to a local old soldiers home and a toy run on Sunday; try and spread a little holliday cheer….Some weather ain’t meant for motorcycles, lol! But this old knuckle dragger never claimed to have brains….

    • If you mean by “Old Man” my Country Man, then heck yes, he has received lots of hugs! Love that you’re sharing during a blessed time of the year – thank you! I know how hard it can be with the busyness and all. We have so much to give back! (Are you a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally man, by chance?)

  2. Hi,
    If your dear Puppies ever need a break with two adorable kittens (–uh, they are actually large cats–) here in Southwest Florida, just let us know!

    Happy Thanksgiving, just a few days late

    Love from WhaleMaiden

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