Christmas cards are fun for everyone! So smile, dang it.

Sunday afternoon is a time for Country Man to work in his “Man Cave”. That’s what everyone around here calls it. This might be because it’s filled with horns, tools, a mini refrigerator, knives and a sign that says “Man Cave”.

Since he was working on my deer, I felt I should hang around and keep him company. Plus, I’m a natural helper, you know. Of course, I did have my own little agenda to think of … taking photos for Christmas cards!

I love it. I was all ready to smile for the camera. I had my shirt on (that’s good, right?), my jacket on, my cute little faux moccasins that I wear everywhere around this place (as evidenced by the condition of the shoes). I had some mascara on, a little dab of red lipstick and lip gloss, my hair was styled (if thrown back in a pony tail counts) … I was ready. Country Man, with his dirty jeans, hat and boots – not so much. So I grabbed the camera and tripod, along with a nice black sweater for him to throw on, and made my way back to the Man Cave. I think husband could hear me skipping and humming over, and said a little prayer for this to go quickly.

Husband quick changed into the sweater, removed his hat, brushed his jeans off, and outside we went for our annual Christmas card photo session. I knew if I didn’t get him now, I wouldn’t have a chance before my ladies Christmas party one week away, which is when we hand out cards. He gave me ten minutes to get a good one. I like a challenge, so this worked for me. Adding to the challenge, we were experiencing a typical South Dakota wind that day. A cold wind.

Fortunately, we managed to find the sun and make some magic.

So, without further ado, our 2010 Christmas card photo:

South Dakota gal's pups

Whoops, wrong one. But it’s oddly close in its own way …

South Dakota Country Couple

Yep, that’s the one. It’s going to have to do. Despite fighting the wind and cold, we managed to take a few … and went with the first one. But we got something, and it we’re going with it! Phew, glad that’s done.

So now I’m curious … do you take part in the Christmas card fun?


17 thoughts on “Christmas cards are fun for everyone! So smile, dang it.

  1. sadly there is nothing to be happy about as for me.

    i’m glad to see the two of you like that. very happy together.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. You’re such a cute, happy-looking couple! I love that photo for your Christmas card, and I also love the pic with your Yorkies. We do send Christmas cards and I’ve always enjoyed writing and receiving them. Over the past couple of years, though, fewer people are sending actual cards and have moved to e-cards – not the same!! I prefer the real ones that I can put on my mantle and all over the house. How about you – have you noticed a move away from traditional cards?

  3. I’ve always wanted a cute family Christmas card photo that I could print to mail to everyone back home. This year I have a cute one of the kids, now all I need to do is create the cards πŸ™‚

  4. Love the photo! I’m sure it’ll be fabulous on a Christmas card. Our family card features a photo from last Christmas Eve — it’s so tough to get everyone in one place and looking presentable!

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