What’s to come

I’m learning as I go that this blogging is an interesting journey. Just when you think you have an idea of the direction you want to take it, life changes and your “plan” side jumps onto a different, unexpected and perhaps unwanted path. My life plans include faith, and I tend to think I can have it both: faith and control. Or controlled faith. This mindset has often only resulted with deep sighs and a further lack of understanding.

How does one understand? This almost 27 year-old girl has envisioned with a tiny, unimaginative brain what the future holds. While my dreams, as beautiful to me as they are, are imaginative on this worldly scale; the unseen scale tells me I have no idea what imagination really, truly is. Like an iceberg in the oceans, I see the tip and think that’s all there is, since it’s all I can see with my eyes. That’s been the depth of my understanding.

So, it is with a somber report, that we begin again. But this time, we go in with an understanding that we’ve chosen one path, and must be prepared for what occurs, or doesn’t occur, along the way. We’ve ducked and covered, cried and inspected our wounds, rose up with ash-covered faces, and now look ahead with dreams and imagination and a smile still intact, to what’s to come.


7 thoughts on “What’s to come

  1. Yup, I agree, life takes many twists and turns that we never see coming. Like Tiffy says, hold on tight…and be flexible. And trust that God has a plan for us all; the more we fight against Him, the tougher the road seems to get. There’s a reason for every path that’s laid before us. 🙂

  2. What lovely thoughts! I just wanted to say to keep that faith mindset going!! If things are not going well, just recall that the sun is always shining behind every cloud.
    I hope that’s not too cheesey…..but it is a helpful thought to hold.
    I often just also try to surrender to what is and to not ‘sweat the small stuff’ …it helps too. 🙂
    Keep blogging and sharing your thoughts. You have a great voice.
    Thanks also for being part of my blogging journey. Your comment on my freshly pressed post was much appreciated!

  3. Now at 38, I am just beginning to figure out that my plans are not His plans…and though I do not usually like when my plans don’t go accordingly, I have liked and continue to like an adventure…and that is what His plans are in my life. They always take me to places, relationally and geographically, that I couldn’t have imagined. Enjoy the unexpected places you go on your journey with Him and with your new husband.

    Great blog!

  4. Very true. And often, if not always, while we are still busy trying to figure it out, God is already making it work for the best as He promised to do.
    Life’s hard, but God is good. Hold on to Him, cause He won’t ever, ever let you go.

  5. you have a beautiful blog and love the title of it being a country mans wife myself .. it has its ups and downs and you will find yourself getting some inner peace by blogging and grow with the experience. As they say change the things you can and learn to live with the ones you can’t … I have ..lol.. don’t put too much pressure on yourself to conform to any way just be.

  6. I have to say, you have one of the most original, beautiful blogs I have read in ages. Thank you for sharing your life with us. It is beautiful.

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