*cough cough* achoo! (cue big need for tissue paper)

Ok, the title may be a bit dramatic, but the cold is going around full force. That and the flu, which poor Country Man had last Sunday.

Country Man down

After a lovely Christmas dinner with neighbors yesterday, I am wondering if one of them folks shared a little more with me than necessary. I woke up with a head that must have weighed 20 pounds, even though my husband said only weighs eight because the lispy kid from Jerry McGuire said so.

It was probably husband’s grandpa, who loves nothing more than harassing me, which includes his determination to find a spot in our European-mount covered basement for the furry kitty puzzle he and Grandma Norma put together.

Or sending me a random glove he found along his bike ride through town, where he has found a nice, mismatched pair for himself. Me? No, I have two mismatched pairs for my right hand. One a youth’s hunting glove; another a youth’s “mechanics glove”. What’s a girl to do?

If anyone is suspect of passing off a cold, it would be him.

This morning the grandparents called to let me know they loved the garden popcorn we sent with them … they had it for breakfast.

An interesting pair they are, that’s for sure. Love them, but interesting.

South Dakota frosty weed

So we’re adjusting to this cold weather, and the health changes that go along. Our walks have been hit or miss this December. It doesn’t take long for the pups to start wussing out on me.

South Dakota gal's pup

I'm fweezing my bum off here, lady.

This may be the other way around … but for integrity’s sake, I’ll blame the pups.

South Dakota pasture

This cold, cold weather can bring out the hermit in most. But you gotta get out now and then, because despite the temperatures, it sure is pretty.

South Dakota trees

Happy Monday!


13 thoughts on “*cough cough* achoo! (cue big need for tissue paper)

  1. Well, crap, Girl….Hope you guys get to feeling better soon. Hot Toddy with a herbal tea may be in order?
    Some nasty stuff going around….Missus has had a cootie and been fighting it for over a month; antibiotics and all.
    You two take care….

  2. We’re down under 20 degrees here and I have the exact same dog as you. He insists on riding around with the window down despite the frigid temps, so we’re keeping the hair long for a bit. Take care.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Tiffy doesn’t seem to mind the cold too much, it’s me who doesn’t like to stay outside too long and it’s a little warmer here…upper 30s… The snow is pretty though, it looks like we got some last night:)

    • Your pup must be one tough cookie. Mine will hold a leg (or two) up and often times fall over onto their side. Not kidding. I have seen them lay flat in the snow, ready to let the cold take them away. They need their cute little coats on in this weather (10 degrees and colder). And with this SD wind … brr.

  4. omgosh! your puppy looks just like my Princess Peach!

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