Christmas Nostalgia: How Some Things Change … For the Good.

Christmas cards sent out? Check
Christmas shopping done? Check
Christmas gifts mailed out? Check
Christmas tree up? Check
Christmas tree decorated? Check
Everything perfectly in place and ready for Christmas day? Check

How many of these are actually true? Half! But nothing’s shakin’ this girl’s Christmas spirit.

For two weeks now, we’ve had the Christmas tree up and decorated! Our theme is country, less the shot gun shells because this year’s tree is smaller.

South Dakota Christmas tree

South Dakota Christmas tree

Something tells me this will be our style for years to come …

South Dakota Christmas tree

South Dakota Christmas tree

South Dakota Christmas tree

Most of the Christmas gifts have been purchased, wrapped and ready for upcoming parties. For now, however, the enjoyment of looking at them under our tree will be ours. There is something about the sight of neatly wrapped Christmas gifts sparkling beneath the lit fir tree that brings back memories.

South Dakota Christmas gifts

Memories of waiting up with my baby sister, trying to guess by the size of the gift what mom and dad bought us. The temptation to peek, to rip open a little piece of the wrapping paper and find out what sat underneath was always there. But the thought of disappointing my mom was stronger, so we managed to resist and wait.

Or the time we found our mixed mutt, Patches, on the Eve of Christmas after catching a movie and browsing stores. She was sitting in a box labeled “Free Puppies” while two little boys competed for shopper’s attention with the Salvation Army Santa Claus outside a big chain store, hoping to find them a home. And boy, was she ever cute. She passed away three months ago, but do they ever really leave us?

South Dakota gal's Bo-Bo

Bowie last Christmas - just itchin to chew on a silver dove

Now … now, I am an adult. A married woman with a hard-working husband to love on. My memories are in the process of being made. This includes cuddling up with my Country Man, sharing a hot cup of decaf, and admiring the beauty of our Christmas tree lighting up a dark living room.

Discussing traditions we’d like to instill in our own children … including  Santa’s place in all that.

South Dakota gal's Old Saint Nick

Right now, this year, this Christmas season, things couldn’t get any better. And it’s my hope we’ll be saying that every year.

South Dakota Christmas tree

So while reflecting on past Christmases is lovely, my favorite memory is right now. Because I know some day, I am going to look back on these days as some of the best of my life. And I sure don’t want to miss it.

South Dakota blizzard 2009

Christmas Day Blizzard 2009


24 thoughts on “Christmas Nostalgia: How Some Things Change … For the Good.

  1. You’ve got the right idea! Live every moment to the fullest, love every memory you make, and cherish each other always as you do now. Your tree decorations suit your lifestyle perfectly! You guys are such a cute couple – the simple country life becomes you!

  2. Love your santa wrapping paper! My boys would love it! We always go to the dollar store and I let everyone pick out one roll that they like the best…they love getting a say and are so proud to wrap their gifts in them. Do you call your puppy BoBo? That’s funny because my son Beau’s nickname is Bo Bo! Have a great Holiday!

  3. I love the story about the boys giving away puppies on Christmas Eve. Given the circumstances, how could anyone NOT take one of those puppies home?

    Bowie looks like a good dog, too.

  4. Your house looks so FULL of Christmas spirit!!! Beautiful.

    I must admit, we don’t put presents under the tree….. it’s all too tempting for everyone. (Yes, the tree looks a little bare). None of us are really good with surprises…. and i am positive that something would be opened. We all used to have our own hiding places, and Christmas morning we use to all rush off to gather our belongings- and hand them out.

    My little princess (4) has made me something, all wrapped by her dad. (We are divorced, and he has gone away- so they worked on it before he left). She has already told me a dozen times that i can open it NOW. HAHA. I just tell her- no, it is for Christmas morning. She says “mom, just have a peak”. (Inside i am dying too…… but i better practice what i preach!!!)

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