A Birthday Blizzard Cattle Party

Today I am officially a 27 year-old gal. Please tell me time starts to slow down from here! I would like to believe that, but my parents just called, sniffling at how much their 27 year-old baby has grown. Oh, how the time flew by! they say.

Last night I said goodbye to the 26th version of myself, while celebrating at a friend’s surprise party no less, and today welcomed the new year in style (style being completely subjective, you’ll find).

Our farm dog Velvet was the first to say “Happy Birthday.”

South Dakota cattle poop

Er ... thanks?

It never fails that with each morning comes a whole lotta cattle “chips” on the front steps. She’s great, really.

South Dakota farm dog

I'm great, really.

The men are outside, sorting cattle in this South Dakota weather. After finishing up a phone conversation with my sister, where we talked mostly about our dogs, I stared out the window at the guys, thinking it sure looked cold to be working out in that mess.

South Dakota cattle sorting

Sorting cattle over yonder

I knew it was cold. I could see it with my own two eyes. Not only is South Dakota mother nature cold, she has a might snappy wind, too. But her appearance is like a charming temptress, and I couldn’t help resist grabbing my camera to capture this beautiful day.

South Dakota gal's garage

Looks like a draft is coming through!

I trudged over to the calves, who were by this time huddled together to weather the storm, with my nose already sniffling and fingers burning with cold.

South Dakota storm

South Dakota stump

South Dakota garden

The garden

I made footprint circles around the garden, intriguing the cuddled cattle around me.

I shouted out for attention, “Hello, calvies! It is I, your favorite human friend! I have returned, and it is my birthday!”

Oh great, it’s her again.

South Dakota cattle

Oh, stay positive Martha. At least she didn’t bring those yappy little monsters with her this time.


South Dakota cattle

Very good point, Delores, and it is her birthday. I guess we could say our acknowledgments …

South Dakota cattle

Sigh … alright, let’s make this quick. I have yoga at 4.

South Dakota cattle

Hi. Happy Birthday. Hope it’s been great so far. It’s … nice to see you.

South Dakota cattle

What’s that? Um, yes, of course we mean that. Why wouldn’t we?

South Dakota cattle

Oh geez, look at the time. Well, we really should be going …

South Dakota cattle



Group picture first!

South Dakota cattle

Well, that didn’t go the way I’d planned. Darn blizzard. There’s always next year … 28.
South Dakota gal

It is cold here. Hope you’re warm, healthy and happy this coming New Year!


38 thoughts on “A Birthday Blizzard Cattle Party

  1. Loved the conversation from the cattle, I know how expressive they can be! And happy birthday, 27 years does fly by.
    Sorry the weather is so cold there, in the Midwest, it was 60 degrees today and we are enjoying it so much (so unusual at this time of year).

  2. May you have the Happiest Birthday and a triumphant beginning of 2011. Looking at your snow cooled me down as the heat of summer simmered and licked at my neck and back ( and anywhere else exposed ) even though I am indoors. I have added you to my subscriptions and believe I will wander back here often and share segments of your world. Thank you. PS – life speeds up with age.. LOL!! JUst you wait.

  3. Happy 27th Birthday. 1 through 21 seemed like forever. Now that I am 41? 21 felt like yesterday. Sorry but somebody’s got their finger stuck on the fast forward button. Don’t fret though. From your posts it looks like you are enjoying every minute of it!
    Love the pics you post of life in South Dakota. Keep up the good work.

  4. Happy Birthday! I love the picture of the calves and the clever way you have them conversing with you. I never see that black lab before, is that also your dog? What a cutie! Have a great birthday and celebrate being 27, what a great age:)

  5. Holy Cow…(no pun intended)…it looks freezing there! I think the temperature in the room just dropped 10 degrees by looking at those pics, because I’m freezing now! Hope you’ve had a great birthday! Now excuse me while I go wrap up in a warm blanket!

  6. Only 27, you lucky girl. Unfortunately they do fly by, just remember to enjoy them, Cracking pictures, I must admit I felt cold looking at them as they effectively reflect the wintery cold. Have a good New Year.

  7. I’ve always wondered how people get used to the cold out there… I do love the snow, but last year we had way too much for our own good (3 feet and 15 foot drifts is a lot for us south-eastern folk). Looks like you possess a good amount of humor, which no doubt helps.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog, I will check back here often. Nice to find well written, entertaining blogs.
    Happy new year

  8. It is my first time here and it is refreshing to see 100% unadulterated Country!! Yay to that! And wish you a happy 28!!
    I like the creative Gravatar idea too!!

  9. Happy birthday! Don’t worry, the 30’s are the new 20’s and you still have 3 years to go!
    It only gets better from here….

  10. wow a bit different to here in australia where we were sweating it out on new years .. happy birthday and sorry time don’t slow down ..lol.. oh until you have kids and you want them to grow up REAL fast usually when they are around 4 and 6 like my two who are driving me mad at the moment but ofcourse then you are ringing them on their 28th bday and time has flown geez don’t even want to think about it will be OLD then ..lol… hope the weather settles down a bit stay warm you can always pop over to my blog for some warmth : )

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