Shoveling is my workout

South Dakota gal shoveling

Shoveling my way out

The 2011 year began by us shoveling ourselves outta this place. It’s been a while since I’ve picked one of those contraptions up, so Country Man couldn’t resist snapping some photos. He kept banging on the window, telling me to “smile!” while laughing his little head off. Apparently it’s a rare sight …

South Dakota gal

When you give a man a camera ...

We ended up with quite a bit of snow over this last weekend … approximately 10 inches, to be exact. Much time was spent scooping and plowing, hoping to get ourselves out of this so we could, for the love of God, make it to town before the crazy came.

And to you who live down south, or in a country where you are experiencing the beautiful summertime, as you sit in your chair, smiling in pity (or strange pleasure from our plight), refer to the photo above, please.

South Dakota gal

Kidding. Sorta. My love to you this beautiful Monday!


32 thoughts on “Shoveling is my workout

  1. I could imagine my husband doing the exact same thing and sorry it is hot, hot , hot here in Oz you think the man up stairs could just let us combine the two weathers and get a nice mild day not too hot not too cold. I bet the next thing hubby asked was “show us your muscles honey”

  2. It’s kind of weird to be sitting here in a singlet and shorts looking at photo’s of my web friends on the other side of the world inundated with snow. Where I live here in Australia even during the coldest part of winter it doesn’t snow. In fact I’ve never ever seen snow. It just always looks so damn cold!

  3. We had a little under 2 feet of snow that started the day after Christmas. It’s finally starting to melt. And yes, we had to endure the snow shoveling, blowing and digging out. However, we did have fun with it as well and my children and I built a very cute snowman and had a snowball fight ๐Ÿ™‚ We have a love/hate relationship with snow at our house…

  4. I feel your pain…last year during the ‘snowmagedon’ blizzard, we shoveled for days! This years first snow was only 7 inches or so…I sent my boys out with the shovels, and Nora and I watched from the I drank hot coffee!! Having 3 boys is gonna come in handy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. ah the snow… largely working outside for my career, I too have a bit of a love hate relationship with snow.. Really comes down to the wind, and how many inches we get. Any creative cheap ways to cover dog kennels so they don’t get snow in them? I will say this, having a chiropractor definitely comes in handy during the winter. Now if only could get a good pair of boots before the snow thursday.
    Anna in VA

    • Ah yes, my father-in-law uses a blanket or tarp, I believe, and wraps a rubber cord around the top to keep his beloved Duke nice and warm while making rounds. But that’s for a travel kennel that he keeps in the back of his new duly Ford that he doesn’t want Duke scratching up. For my husband’s dog, he cut rubber flaps taken from a large swimming tire. The flap covers Don’s little dog house inside his kennel.

  6. I’m a fair bit north of you in Manitoba, and this missed us. Thankfully! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    We got ours in November, where we had about the same dumped on us, and I swear, all I did was shovel for a few days. On the bright side, I managed to build a snow pile that thrills the Kid and she spends the least cold days burrowing into it.

  7. Wow. That is a lot of shovelling. That much snow makes me happy that we live in a condo complex, so the walks get shovelled for us. I didn’t mind shovelling when I lived at my parent’s house – I think I would mind it if there were 10″ of the stuff!

  8. Happy new year! I’d heard that the Dakotas got even more than 10 inches, maybe you got lucky? LOL We got 3 feet here a couple of weeks ago and we’re expecting another 6 inches tomorrow. This is one wild winter!

  9. It is in the 40s here today but they are expecting snow this weekend but nothing like you all got. Snow is nice to look at if you don’t have to work/get out in it.
    Hope you all don’t get much more this winter.

  10. My boyfriend and my father would totally take a photo of my butt while I shovel snow, which never happens, which is why it would be so hilarious to them. Love your blog, and so glad you stopped by my little world of photography. How did you find me?

  11. I’m prone to think that you were right when you visited my post and corrected some of my doings. I have made some changes on my blog as per your recommendation. My essay on abortion did stay, but I’ve added a qualifier at the beginning. Feel free to critique any time.

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