The roar of the lion …

South Dakota Mountain Lion

Badlands, South Dakota Mountain Lion

Country Man is off on a hunting escapade this weekend to my childhood homeland in the midst of the Black Hills, where the nearby dens are common dwelling places to the mountain lion, the trees are superb for their lounging, and the land is vast and free to run and explore.

South Dakota Mountain Lion

The four men have been packed for days as the call of the wild builds and pounds in their hearts …

South Dakota mountain lion

… and whispers, Come

South Dakota Mountain Lion

come spend time with me.

South Dakota Mountain Lion

In the wildness of the Black Hills, mountain lions are a hidden companion for those trekking the open land. No matter how quiet one tries to be, the ground underfoot is bound to create the slightest noise, like the kick of a rock or the crunch of a leaf. And when it happens …

South Dakota Mountain Lion

The lion stretches his head out from slumber, curious of the cause behind the snapping of sticks and pine cones. He lifts his nose toward the sun, closes his eyes, and for a moment the wind shares a smell of something unknown … something unfamiliar, something almost forgotten.

South Dakota Mountain Lion

The season for the hunters and the hunted has begun …

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20 thoughts on “The roar of the lion …

  1. My Hubby has always wanted to hunt Mountain Lion. Problem is, we won’t eat feline meat, so it’s an off-limits thing. At least for our household. Though, I do have some cookbooks from the early 1920’s that have recipes for cooking Mountain Lion, and an Uncle swore it was the best meat he’d ever tasted. *shrugs* Not something I’d care to try!

    While I understand the need to keep populations in check for safety, I still believe that it is us humans encroaching on their land, putting ourselves in the cat’s way. But then, humans have done the same with the wolves, and all species of bears, and, unfortunately, we’ve hit the point where one predator has to come out on top, and it’s not the 4 legged ones.

    At any rate, off my maudlin little soap box. 🙂

    May your Hubby be safe in his hunting trip!

  2. Wow, amazing to think those fabulous animals are living and thriving in the good ‘ol USA. People think you have to travel overseas to see beautiful scenery but there is so much right here in our backyard. From one country folk to another… neat blog… keep up the great work!

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  5. Hi there! I just chanced upon your blog and love it. Your writing is fun to read, and the photography is awesome! I’ll be dropping by often. Keep up the great work. God Bless!

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