Nature called my bluff … again

For the third time since I’ve started this blog, nature has called my bluff. And who receives the blunt of this country gal’s poor poker face? Country Man. It’s not fair, really. Not one bit. You see, three times I have posted about my husband’s upcoming hunting trips, and three times he has come back discouraged, his friends and him shaking their heads in utter wonderment.

I shan’t understand it. Has a curse been laid upon our heads? This is utterly inconceivable!, Rob yells. In some foreign blog-o-sphere land, I sense a wordy lady, and it is she who has led us to our impending defeat, thrice times, Damon says, the darkness overtaking his eyes. But, who, who could be behind this cursed madness! We will find her, Rob says, rolling his hands together in mad travesty, oh yes, we will find her

And there, in the McDonald’s drive-thru, they mapped out the plan to ending the curse. In the shadows, right next to an orange-haired clown, Country Man sat back, his mind knowing just who she is in which they speak of …

Anyhoo, that’s basically how it went. They returned yesterday, and due to uncooperative weather (that would be her calling my bluff), no mountain lion was seen. However, some tracks were spotted, which offered hope.

Black Hills, South Dakota

Black Hills, South Dakota

And Country Man took some photos, which were mighty appreciated by this Black Hills former resident.

Black Hills, South Dakota

The season ends March 31 … so who knows? Maybe they will go back.

Black Hills, South Dakota

But this time, if they do, I’m gonna keep my typing fingers still, or I’m bound to be found out.

It would sure put Country Man in a predicament.


36 thoughts on “Nature called my bluff … again

  1. Oh, maybe it’s all for the best — they get outdoors but nothing gets killed. Btw, are you allowed to shoot mountain lions?? I thought they were protected…
    Lovely shots of the scenery! I miss the Dakotas!!! b

    • I would expect nothing less from a non-huntress! But like you said, they did have a great time just being outdoors, irregardless of success. It is legal for the time period between Jan 1 and March 31. A 35 tag limit is set, with certain limitations (no young ones, mothers with cubs …).

      I saw you on CNN yesterday – you spoke wonderfully! I hope you enjoy having a blogging break this 2011 πŸ™‚

  2. GORGEOUS photos! It must have been hard for you to move away from such beauty, but then again, you just traded in one type of natural beauty for another. I hear that mountain road calling me…. πŸ™‚

  3. Now, you and I both know that whether they killed anything or not this trip, they would jump at the chance to do it all over again! They wouldn’t quit hunting until you got over writers block…You just tell them..No way, Nuh uh and you keep right on writing…that mountain lion was probably following them just a laughing! πŸ™‚

  4. We had bobcats on our farm a few years back and I couldn’t wait for someone to hunt/trap them. They got in a fight with our dog and he came back with a huge cut on his leg and there was no way I would walk on the back side of the farm without someone with me until they were gone. They even eyeballed my husband when he was in his deer stand. 6 of them and he only had 5 shells, made him a little nervous. And they are no where as big as a mountain lion. Happy hunting to the hubby next time and wonderful pictures of the scenery.

    • Wow! That sounds like the situation we’re having with mountain lions in the Hills. Bobcats are around here, but not often seen. It’s legal to hunt them on the west side of South Dakota, but not the east.
      A friend of my husband’s trapped a bobcat over the weekend, and as he was checking it out, he spotted one watching nearby. I had no idea they stayed so close with to eachother.

  5. Just how it goes sometimes. Can’t imagine Mountain Lion hunting is too easy to begin with (unlike deer or something of the like.. around here anyway).. They always look for something to blame anyhow, but at least then it couldn’t be you πŸ˜‰

    Lovely pics, I want to go there one day.

  6. Incredible pictures. Makes me harken back to a time (er up to when I was eight anyway) when we lived in western Nebraska…the Scottsbluff/Alliance area. We used to go up to the Black Hills frequently.

    I’m definitely not a hunter…but love a good photograph and these are wonderful thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. Do you need special permission to shoot lions? It’s just about legal to kill a spider here, but the red tape to even hunt deer is something else!

    Hunting a fox has become a joke.

    Come on there are too many foxes, why do we give them protection?

    Can’t say I’d be able to pull the trigger on deer or lions though.

    Did you take the lion shots or import them?

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