The Land of Infinite Variety

Did you know South Dakota was briefly called “The Blizzard State” in the 1970’s?

Optimists later argued that calling it “The Sunshine State” was much more appropriate.

Eventually, South Dakota folks came to an agreement (thank goodness, that could have gotten ugly), and decided on “The Land of Infinite Variety.”

I like that.

South Dakota

South Dakota not only offers a variety in weather, but in cultures and scenery as well. For instance, I can drive an hour in most directions and find myself on an Indian reservation. Or, I can drive a few more another way and end up at our State Capitol (yes, with an ‘o’). Which, by the way, is a great place for a girl who likes to take pictures … and explore … and eventually, get lost.

South Dakota State Capitol

South Dakota State Capitol

South Dakota State Capitol

Inside the State Capitol building

South Dakota State Capitol

Inside the State Capitol - it's me, the farmgirl, holding (pop)corn!

South Dakota State Capitol

It felt great to get out yesterday and explore our capital town. To leave the house in general, really.

I am thankful to have that luxury – hop in a vehicle, drive to town on plowed roads, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee over a conversation with a friend whenever I need, despite the weather and the cold.

It wasn’t long ago in the woe and snow of South Dakota blizzard season that people caught in storms often lost limbs, nerves, and lives during these cold winter months. Specifically on the reservations, where in 1996 exhausted heat supplies and heavy snows made bringing in help a battle. It was so uncertain if help would make it in time, frostbitten parents placed tags on their children’s frostbitten toes so they would be identified by the time rescuers came … and fortunately, they did come.

So wherever you are this cold winter weekend, I hope you have heat, some friendship, and maybe a smile from the sun to make these cold days a little warmer.

South Dakota pup

And don’t worry about us, we’re keeping bundled up. We’re pros at it. We’re adaptable.

South Dakota geese

After all, we are living in the Land of Infinite Variety.


14 thoughts on “The Land of Infinite Variety

  1. I like that name too, much better than being pigeon-holed into one type of term. Your pup looks SO warm and comfy all bundled up in those cozy blankets! Beautiful pics too. Stay toasty!

  2. Beautiful State Capital building! Thanks for sharing and making us aware that we should be thankful for what we have! Right now it is 19 degrees in Missouri and I have been complaining about the cold, but I can go anywhere because the roads are now clear, I have plenty of food and warmth as well as a loving family close by!
    Have a great weekend bundled up.

  3. Beautiful photos of South Dakota – I’ve never been there. It doesn’t snow where I live, so I especially enjoyed the snowy pictures.

    Is your dog a Yorkie, by any chance? He/She reminds me of a Yorkie we had.

  4. I see you have a “herd” of Canada Geese. Sorry about that. Actually, we’re not that sorry to see them leave Canada. We’d actually be happy if they would claim permanent American status and quit coming home every summer…

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