A Shrek IV Kitty

Kitty is huge now. Like Puss from Shrek IV, she doesn’t move unless food is involved, and has long left the gracefulness of sliding down trees. It’s more like a screeching thud. So when she hears the pups and I outside, she makes a “run” for it in case she might luck upon some puppy chow. Kitty would rather munchies be brought to her, of course, but she knows that ain’t happening.

South Dakota Kitty

Free food!? *Thud*

No such luck today, Kitty. Just some pups who want to lick your face off.

South Dakota Kitty

No food? I eat you?

Her funny look tells me she’s about to go into crazy-annoying mode, meowing and ramming into my legs. She’s clearly not starving, and no amount of “this is what kitties in third world countries look like” photos have convinced her that she’s doing quite well.

South Dakota Kitty

She's huge! About two of my pups combined.

The pups and I made it back into the house safely. No less than two minutes later, we heard a loud *boom* on our window. That was Kitty trying to hang from the screen outside. Sigh … even she’s not aware of her size anymore. And that can’t be good for the window …

It’s a good thing my pups have their own way of keeping in shape.

South Dakota pup

Bowie ... chillaxin on the couch

Stretching …

South Dakota pup

Yoga poses …

South Dakota pup

… and meditation, most likely. That Tobi, she’s a spiritual one.

South Dakota

Hope your weekend is off to a great start, and you’re seeing some sun and dissipating snow in your forecast.

And before I go, I want to continue a challenge from a blogger gal I follow. Her challenge is to those of you who follow this blog, but haven’t popped in to say “howdy” yet. So, it is officially de-lurker day (the day you are reading this). So please, with lots of sugar on top, say ‘hi’ and tell me a bit about yourself: why you follow this blog, what’s happening weather-wise, what color underwear you have on … anything! Just de-lurk yourself. It’s a lurker intervention.

And to those handful who do comment, keep ’em coming, friends. You make this gal’s South Dakota country life a little bit brighter.

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91 thoughts on “A Shrek IV Kitty

  1. Hi Country Wife. I’m a country gal from the midwest. Like your blogs, your dogs and commiserate with you while your husband hunts. Been to the Black Hills once and loved it. Check out my blogs, mostly on home life, animals, and a hodgepodge of whatever God is doing at the moment.

  2. Hello There from a stunning summer’s day in Cape Town.
    I know you don’t want to hear that but I can’t resist.
    My cat eats like a horse but looks like a 3rd world kitty!
    Love your pups.

  3. Hi there, my wife and I enjoy reading your blog and she loves your pups. She has a yorkie of her own pushing 14! Somehow that pup still has the attitude of a 2 year old. On another note we just found out we will be having a beautiful baby girl in June!

  4. Hi – this is my second post to you. I live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
    and I enjoy your blog; the ‘Country Wife’ heading was the caption that attracted my attention. I have visited South Dakota, Wyoming and other states in between you and Caifornia having done a road trip two years ago. I know what your terrain is like and can imagine the snow and wind storms you get. I am a photographer as well and love the outdoors and nature. Nice to meet you again.

  5. Hello! I occasionally follow this blog. I love your photos. I live in Sweden, and it’s about -10 celsius and has been completely dark outside for about an hour (17.14 is the time here). Still, a lot warmer than yesterday …
    Have a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚

  6. Hello Country Woman, it’s me, MJ and I’m a Canadian born & raised who is now American (Dual Citizenship anyone?) and living in Western Michigan. I follow your blog b/c I love your writing, pups, large kittykat, photos, and how much you love your country man. (that just makes me smile). I’m presently drinking coffee in my purple robe with my fat 10 year old Lab lying on my feet. Cheers ~ MJ

  7. I used to live way out in the country (like miles and miles from civilization)…now live in a townhouse…kind of miss my old country place, but am always reminded of it when I read your blogs and see your great pictures!! And my goodness, let that poor starving cat in the house…that comes from my little Spooky who would be a barn cat to this day had I not adopted her!!

  8. Hi, I’m niqui and i’m from california. πŸ™‚ De-lurker day is a great idea lol. Your doggies are soooo cute! I don’t have any pets right now. Me and the hubby can’t seem to agree on what kind of dog to get. I want a fluffy cute dog and he wants like a pit bull or husky. We’ll figure it out eventually I’m sure. Nice to meet you!

  9. Hi there, just checked out your blog today, so I’m not really “de-lurking.” From one country firl to another, I enjoyed your post and your pics. My cat is fatter than yours!! πŸ˜€ I’ll stop back again. Come visit me anytime!

  10. Hey Country Man’s Wife!

    Delurking here, now residing in San Francisco, CA…have family in Buffalo, WY and your pics and posts remind me why I like visiting in the summer, but love the beauty in your pics:)

    A. (@vurtyou)

  11. I’ve never been to South Dakota and I love to read about your life there! We are having a cold snowy/icy winter here in North Carolina–but nothing that compares to what you have to endure!

  12. Your kitty looks like my barn kitties and puddin’cat!

    The barn kitties are 6 nearly identical black kitties with small white patches on their chests and green eyes. They’re smaller and very, very fuzzy and adorbale, though feral. I call them the clone-kitties πŸ™‚

    Puds is our indoor/outdoor kitty that is also black with a white patch and green eyes, but she’s much fatter and likes to torment the barn kitties. she likes to eat, sleep, and nap with her very cold and wet nose firmly lodged in the inside of your elbow when you’re sitting on the couch.

  13. Just de-lurkin’ here. Hi, from a sweaty-hot-humid New Zealand…any snow we get in our city is wet and slushy(once every 20 years or so)…you probably wouldn’t consider it snow, even. Be happy, and love the idea of de-lurki’!

  14. De-lurking…hah! I love it! You’ve heard from me before, I’m in Princeton, NJ and the snow is slowly starting to melt here, but it’s still rather cold…
    Time to get out the diet food! Although my attempts at getting kitties to eat diet food have always failed…especially when you have three, and two are nice and trim and one is even bigger than Kitty right here!

  15. I like de-lurker day! I wish some of my lurkers would come forward and say something too. I get loads and loads of views every day, but only a handful of people take the time to “chat”!

    Wow kitty did get big! What a beauty though!

  16. Love the “de-lurking” day requirement!! I stumbled accross your blog one day and keep coming back because I grew up in the midwest and now live in the west and I miss the wonderful life of the midwesterner. You write about it so cute. I love the pictures and the humor! Thanks!!

  17. I will continue leaving notes when I can πŸ™‚ And it’s Shrek 4 you’re thinking of, the kids got that one for Christmas this year – enjoyable the first 23 times you watch it! I like the pictures of the landscape up there, keep them coming!

  18. Hey Country Wife, this de-lurker thing is such a good idea. I’m sick of wondering who is reading my blog but not saying anything.
    I live in a rural area in Australia, which may sound exciting but really isn’t.
    And seeing as you asked my undies are white today.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  19. Hi there! I’ve been reading your blog for just a couple weeks now but I’ve read all through your past posts. I just started my own blog and it’s not really ready for public viewing yet-soon. I’m letting it reach a critical mass before I make it public. πŸ™‚

    I live in Montana on a little farm I guess it has to be called. We used to live on a big ranch and when our family had to sell that anything else has felt like the suburbs. We have lots of animals, I have a great little family with two kids that I homeschool, and we spend our summers on the horses in the backcountry of the Montana mountains. I have a lot of blog posts just waiting to happen but in the meantime I like to read yours. πŸ™‚


  20. Lurker Intervention- love it! I lurk too much these days.

    I’m Erin. I live on California’s central coast. I have a WP blog about this and that, and found you on Freshed Pressed awhile back. My husband and I just moved to this beautiful area and I am trying to kick-start my career as a massage therapist.

    Keep on writing!

      • Illegal? How strange and unfortunate!

        Are you interested in midwifery or being a doula? Certainly it isn’t illegal to be a doula since it is completely non-medical support, right?

      • Hello there! Delurking here, too! I just wanted to mention that I had a completely legal home birth with a South Dakota certified nurse midwife. The law changed in 2008 to allow CNMs to deliver babies at home and I know we’re all hopeful that CPMs will be next.

      • One more note…I actually live in Nebraska and we’re worse off as far as home births go. Many of our moms cross over into South Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, Colorado, or Iowa for legal out-of-hospital birthing options. Our law specifically states a CNM cannot deliver at home. Furthermore, our CPMs were all sent cease and desist orders when that law went into effect. One of my lay midwifery friends is currently being prosecuted by the State of Nebraska for assisting a home birth. Baby and mother were perfectly healthy, but since we don’t regulate midwives in NE they get them for “practicing medicine without a state recognized license.” Argh! 😦

        I’m *very* close to South Dakota, by the way. We pop up there a few times each year. At one time I lived in Texas (where we almost never had snow) so, believe it or not, I actually enjoy the snow. πŸ™‚

        P.S. Your little fur balls are ADORABLE!! ❀

      • It’s a really bad OOH birth climate here…something NE has become famous for on birth discussion boards. Many here go unassisted and if a woman chooses an assisted home birth, it’s very hush-hush since our state prosecutes all midwives they catch. 😦

        I serve on the board of directors for NFoM, but a number of my acquaintances work with SDSCO. Hopefully the latest opinion, released by ACOG just yesterday, will convince the med-pros that we DO need the option of professional assistance when we choose to birth out of hospital.

      • Yes, I read about that yesterday. Do you think all CPM hopefuls should be MEAC accredited, like CNM’s? I have a high school friend who is studying to become a CNM, and her feelings toward SDSCO is that they’re pushing too hard for CPM licensing, rather than taking it one step at a time, like allowing to CNM’s to practice independently out-of-the-hospital in their own facility, since we only have one person in all of South Dakota that can do that currently.

  21. Howdy! I’m a country girl from WA state, running a blog for my work! I love your posts, your puppies, and all the wonderful hunting you get to do! JEALOUS! lol πŸ™‚

  22. Hello, it’s Teresa. I live in Utah. A few months ago I noticed a comment you left on another blog, and your blog’s title intrigued me. I’ve been following Simple Life since then. My favorite thing about your blog is your and Country Man’s relationship. I’d like to read more about that. The two of you sound like you’re in love… it also seems to me that you are a little lonely. I gather from your writings that he is gone a lot. (?)

    Like you, I love a Country Man. I don’t quite share your enthusiasm for pets though! My man teases me that I get jealous of the cat when he gives her a lot of attention. He teases me about a lot of things, really.

    My blog is a work in progress, very new. I’m learning. I tell people not to expect much from it, because it is kind of boring. πŸ™‚

    It has been nice lurking around on your blog, getting to know you and hearing what you’re up to. Thanks for your effort.

  23. Hiiii. I never thought of it as lurkerish-stalking, but I suppose it IS like looking through your windows and not telling you I’m outside standing in a cow pie in my Wellies peeping wistfully and trying not to freeze my butt off or get eaten by your cat. Tee hee hee.

    My name is Winnie and I’m a wine grape grower, a professional wine judge who also writes and more often tastes for wine magazines and I’m lucky (like you) to live on a few thousand acres of land with my husband, children (cowboys 6 and 9), lots of cows, a dog and a few beloved quarter horses. My life is very diverse; it ranges from Wranglers covered in blood and guts with a can of Coors Light as my main accessory, to black tie dinners swirling wines with winemakers and colleagues from diverse places. My husband prefers the ranch so I get shuffled out the door in heels to do all the hard work associated with the wine businesses while they sit around the yard and practice roping and train horses.

    I love your blog because you post quite a lot (incentive for me to get cracking on mine), I love the photos and you are an eloquent writer. I also enjoy seeing another blog from someone who lives in the country but doesn’t necessarily fit the stereotype of a β€œfarmer”, which has been known to slip from the lips of my friends and acquaintances when introducing me. I try not to let it get my goat πŸ™‚

    In Ellensburg, Washington we have had a lot of snow and freezing temperatures that just turned into an all out flood yesterday…I’m ready for spring!

    Keep up the great work. Oh, what kind of camera do you have? I’d love to know how to get crisp and colorful photos like yours.

    Most sincerely,
    Your newest β€œout of the bushes” Lurker, Winnie

    • You had me cracking up with this comment! Although I don’t think Kitty would eat you; she’d just show you her favorite window to peek through (and scratch up). She’s the ultimate creeper!

      And I hear you about the “you’re married to a farmer?” questions. Just last Sunday as I was talking to my Dad about cooking and the garden, he said humorously, “you really are a country girl.”

      The camera is a Canon Powershot A540. I bought it off eBay for $100.

      Thanks for steppin’ out of the bushes – always good to hear from you!

  24. Hi from coastal Georgia! I found you one day not to long ago on freshly pressed & enjoy reading your blog. I might have to steal your de lurking idea. I have people who read my blog but hardly anyone ever comments. Happy snow days to you, wishing you warmer weather.

  25. Haha alright I’ll admit it, I’m a super-lurker. It’s mostly because I never know what to leave people as comments! I prefer to think of myself as a silent follower :] Anyway, your photos are great and I love reading about your adorable pets!

    • A lurker is a lurker is a lurker πŸ™‚ Just kidding. I understand the silent follower thing. I usually comment on a person’s blog once or twice to say “hey, I’m here, don’t be afraid. I love you.” And then I comment only when I’ve got something truly magnificent and witty to say (therefore, my comments are few and far between.)

  26. Hey there! Love to visit and take in your gorgeous photos and comments. Makes me smile even in this frozen tundra of Maine. (even more snow falling today and sub-zero highs tomorrow…yippee) I think your dog is adorable. I grew up with dogs and cats but we currently have no pets. I would love to get a little dog one day soon. I am still trying to convince my youngest child that a dog won’t “bite or scratch her”. Maybe once she turns five or six she’ll change her mind. πŸ™‚

      • Thankfully, my daughter has only had positive experiences of dogs (so far)! I think one day soon we’ll get one again. I had grown up with Collies since I was two years old so I suppose I was used to have dogs around my whole life. πŸ™‚

  27. I’m here to de-lurk myself! I really enjoy all of your photos and your very poetic posts. I’m a college girl in Massachusetts and I like what you do! πŸ™‚

  28. Ok, you got me! And I didn’t even know I was lurking … Michael here from Squamish, BC, about halfway between Vancouver and Whistler between magnificent peaks and breathtaking fjords. It rains here all winter, so on days when it is not raining I ring the big firehall bell in the hallway and my girlfriend and I get out walking and taking photos! What a fascinating blog you have … full of poetry, wit, photographs and good vibes. Maybe I’ll stop by for a coffee one day. You never know. I recently moved out here from Ontario, where I lived twixt the great lakes. The great lakes, in case you didn’t know, are a demonic snow-making machine from hell. January back there is punctuated with back-to-back blizzards and minus twenty temperatures. That’s why I now live here. I’m semi-retired (I use that term somewhat carefully) after 30 years in the trucking business back in Ontario, now I practise the healing arts, write and do photography, and sometimes just sit and do nothing. It’s marvellous. As to my underwear, that’s MY business!

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  32. It’s been a little over a year since the last comments were posted. πŸ˜› But here goes anyhow.

    I’ve been lurking for a couple of hours. I can’t resist cat pictures…so here I am.

    I’m originally from California, but I moved to Maryland at the age of seven…it was a move from suburbia to semi-urban (not far from downtown, not suburban since there are rowhouses like breadboxes, but still a lot quieter than the worst Baltimore neighborhoods…most people think The Wire, but my area isn’t so bad…it’s about as bad as Kitchen Nightmares makes it out to be, and not much more). Then last fall, I left Baltimore for Bemidji, a small town in northern Minnesota that non-Twin-Cities Minnesotans swear is a big city. I’m here for college, and so far I like it. My blog is about my life at college, actually.

    Seasons in northern California are as follows: rain, and dry heat. Well, there is a middle ground…very pleasant…but it likes to rain a lot and summers can get really dry.

    Maryland isn’t much different, actually. Except there’s snow. I’d never experienced snow until I moved there. It rains a lot, it’s humid and hot in the summer, and in winter there’s only an inch to three inches max usually and we get no-school snow days often. Except there was the blizzard of ’03, and the couple of blizzards last winter that Minnesotans would scoff at but we panicked about, because the snow interrupted all work and buried the streets, causing the city to come to a standstill.

    Minnesota…well, that’s much closer to what you experience. Humid mosquito-filled summers, a blip of fall, a long windy snowy negative-fifty-degree winter, a cold and rainy spring. Right now, there’s a snowstorm they say will dump six inches on us over the weekend.

    I miss Cheesecake Factory. Why on earth do they air commercials here for all the things I miss most about the big city? We only have fast food, pizza, Perkins, and Mexican food here. =(

    To my farm boy boyfriend from a town of 300, Bemidji is huge and Burger King is a delicacy. Reading your blog makes me want to visit his farm and live a country life. Except, I want to make trips to the Twin Cities often to satisfy my food needs, haha.

    I love cats. So much. I also have a dog named Toby. He’s a big smelly basset hound who snores a lot and warms my feet. His sad eyes make me give him extra treats.

    I miss my pets. They’re in Baltimore. I can’t have pets in my dorm. =(

    I’m gonna keep reading =) I’m debating about this country life thing now. I don’t think there’s much in the way of journalism in the country. Maybe I’ll settle there as an old lady after years of travel and food journalism.

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