The Black Huntress, A Roaring Lioness

The Black Huntress, a loner and most self-sufficient of her kind, relies on no one, no thing. She stalks her prey from afar, analyzing her target for optimum kill potential, where she devours slowly, lest the prey feels no pain.

South Dakota pup

Yes, it is I, the Black Huntress!

Who is worthy of my effort? She asks herself, chuckling at the irony.

South Dakota pup


Hm, too easy … and that breath is a highly underestimated weapon. Need more training for that one.

South Dakota Kitty

The Kitty Creeper

Better not … she’s a black belt. Where’d she come from, anyway … ?

South Dakota Tobi

Tobi, aka Momma's Golden Girl

Perfect! Her thick hind legs will make her slow and defenseless against my stealth-like karate chops.

South Dakota pups

I come from no where, you are surprised to see the Black Huntress!

South Dakota

Like a lioness, I will take you down by the front ... nom nom nom

South Dakota pup

That was quick thinking, Big Hind Legs! Your swift movement surprised me. Well done.

South Dakota pups

Aha! Not quick enough, like you thought, but you thought wrongly, and therefore you are down!

South Dakota

Victory is near for the Black Huntress ... I can sense it. I trained even my senses to obey me, in case you were wondering how I could sense that.

South Dakota pup

Just a few more seconds ...

South Dakota pup

Shnikees! My senses have deceived me!

South Dakota pup

This has proven to be more of a fight than the Black Huntress had planned ... Big Hind Legs is strong, and seems to display some unaddressed anger issues.

South Dakota pups

The Black Huntress does not give up so easily - I will conquer and feast!

South Dakota pups

Big Hind Legs, do not run from the Black Huntress!

South Dakota pup

She has found a cave for escape ... until then, I will wait for my victory. Oh, this is happening.

South Dakota pups

... it's happening very much so ....

South Dakota pups

As Milo as our buffer, I will train harder in the art of kicking butt. Wait and see...

South Dakota pups

*yawn* wait and see ... zzzzzzzz


37 thoughts on “The Black Huntress, A Roaring Lioness

  1. This is great! Animals act out such great stories, I had cats, I wish I’d thought to do something like this, they were so entertaining. We’ve still got one, and she’s a little crazy so I guess I still could.

  2. Hi! I just came across your blog through Mugs & Pugs. I have been wanting a Yorkie for years! But I have heard the common notion that they are yappy and hard to train. I’m also in college, so I don’t know that now would be the best time to be getting a puppy. Obviously you have plenty of experience with Yorkies, so I was wondering about your take on them. If you have time to shoot me an email, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

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