A Kellogg’s Box and an Arrow … yesssssss.

Warning: Not responsible for any nightmares or anxiety attacks this post may cause.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Let me just share a bit of this country wife’s life with you. And, I’d like to thank you in advance for even caring to learn about my little life out here! Pretty cool, I’d say.

You see, there are some things you learn to expect: the loud, fall season bawls of momma’s and calves after they’re weened and separated, the growling of old tractors bouncing up and down the drive, the shriek of owls and hawks in the treeline, and until lately, skunks in the man cave. That one there’s a post for next week.

Some things, however, will never cease to shock me. Like your truly humming her way into the cold, lonely basement covered wall-to-wall with European mounts, the Black Huntress in tow, envisioning what to make for supper after taking a warm shower. As I clomped down the stairs and took the corner toward the shower, something stopped me in my tracks … something green, tiny, and limbless. Can you guesssssssss?

South Dakota wife's life

It is I, Sssssnake!

Yes, a slithery little garter snake found warmth and retreat in my basement. I did an inner shriek, something I’ve learned to do because I come across these fellows from time-to-time outside, and I don’t want to be the girl who cries wolf for my father-in-law. I mean, you never know … a mangy, rabid skunk could be coming after me, and I may want some rescuing! Oh right, that’s next week.

For now, however, I gotta learn to toughen up. I come from a long line of snake-chickens … like running, arms flailing, screaming incoherently (Mom), saw-the-white-light scared of snakes. But that was outside. This snake is in my house.

After throwing a box over Mr. Snake, I called Country Man. “Guess what?” “What?” “Another snake in the basement.” “Hmm.” “This is, like, the third time in a year, you know.” “True.”Β  “Well! Does this mean I should be expecting more? Do they come in packs? Will they slip from the ceiling as I shower?!” “No, no, and no.” “So, you coming home to take care of it?” “Just put a box over it until I get home. It’s a garter, not a rattler.”

Fine. I walk back downstairs, Bowie still in one arm, the other holding up the towel around me. Snake was half way out of the box, assessing the dangers around him. Well this isn’t going to work, I thought. I look around at the totes of hunting gear, fishing boxes, sweet potatoes, and realize none of this will do. But in the corner, I spot an arrow. This arrow is flawed, and is being kept so Country Man can show Cabelas that it almost cost him a nice buck.

South Dakota arrow

I took this flawed arrow, and using the feathered end, tilted the box and brushed Snake inside. I then proceeded to carry him upstairs, toward the back deck.

This peaked Milo’s inner hunter dude, which led me to putting him up on the heater so he didn’t exert his awesome inner burly man on the poor little guy.

South Dakota Milo

I stayed a moment to watch Snake twirl around, and in return, I felt a little sorry for him. Naturally, I tried to cheer him up a bit. Now, don’t be afraid. It’s alright, nobody’s gonna hurt you. Aw, you’re kinda cute. Kinda.

So, was I surprised to see him in my basement? Yes. Would I be singing a different tune had I found his momma down there instead? YES.

South Dakota wife's life

But another part of me has realized I cannot always expect other people to come to my rescue. That’s just life. Maybe more so out in the country. If I allow myself to constantly be afraid, where’s the growth?

South Dakota snake

I know what kinda woman I want to be, and that kinda woman doesn’t run and scream from snakes. Skunks, yes. Snakes, no.

So I took a deep breath, set the box outside on the deck, and wiped my hands together in a satisfactory job well done. We’re going to be all right in life, aren’t we beautiful creatures of God? All but patting myself on the back, I marched off downstairs with a renewed sense of inner strength. Things are going to work out just fine, yes they are! …

South Dakota Kitty
Or, maybe not. I forgot about Kitty. This photo was taken after my shower, and she was feeling quite possessive over ‘her’ new friend. It didn’t end well for Snake.

So what was the real lesson behind all this? No clue. Maybe to just suck it up and stop trying to philosophize, because in my constant desire to understand everything, I simply won’t. Life doesn’t work that way.

South Dakota Kitty

She's a little mad about that skunk in her shed ...

But rest assure, this isn’t the last adventure I will face with Mr. Snake, or any other creature form for that matter.

This is life, in all its glory!


61 thoughts on “A Kellogg’s Box and an Arrow … yesssssss.

  1. This is too cute! I’ve never been too afraid of snakes, but goodness gracious, if it were a big ol’ spider, I would die. Spiders and I do NOT, NOT, NOT get along. I’m proud of you for being a woman about Snake! Your kitty didn’t seem too afraid! Haha.

  2. Ok..let me just say… I HATE SNAKES! I grew up having to watch out for rattlers and to be frank.. they give me the He-B-G-B’s! My grandma taught me not to scream and run, but she also taught me how to get a hoe & how to use it! πŸ™‚

  3. Oooo. For a minute there, I thought you were going to use the arrow ON the snake, not to HANDLE it. Whew.

    I really liked your message here. You’re right–sometimes it’s easy to look around to see if someone will come to your rescue. The things we do for ourselves when we have to might really surprise us.

  4. Yikes a snake! Not a big reptile fan. You were very brave to remove it on your own. I have my sons remove wayward spiders from the house when necessary. At least the snake was of the harmless variety:)

  5. Go Kitty! Kill those snakes! I am a country girl, but I cannot, CANNOT stand the sight of any snake no matter how poisonous, small, big, colored, etc. etc. etc. So go you! I would have stayed away from the basement for forever!

  6. I know garter snakes are harmless but I think I would have put it under the box and perhaps put something heavy on top of the box so he wouldn’t escape πŸ™‚ Speaking of garter snakes and skunks… I have a brother that has stepped on both (by accident)! One left him smelling a lot worse then the other… hehe.

  7. I’m with 36X37! I thought the snake was going to meet the pointy end of that arrow! Kudos to you. I hate snakes in every way shape, matter, or form. Especially after having one hiss right into my ear as I was working on my hands and knees outside a few years ago. That one met the pointy end of my shovel.
    Keep up the good work. I always look forward to your posts!

  8. Eeek!
    I grew up in the country in Australia and we have ( I think ) 7 or 8 of the top ten of the most venomous and deadly makes in the world here.

    We frequently used to have brown snakes in our house *shudder*

    Yet another reason why I now live in a more urban area!

    I think you were very brave!!

  9. From a bona fide snake chicken: I am impressed. I put boxes over SPIDERS for my husband to deal with, much less snakes. I would have moved out of the house before he got home. Even though I know that’s ridiculous. Even though the strong woman inside of me is rolling her eyes and snorting.

    I *LOVED* your description of your mom’s reaction. Hilarious. That describes me to a T.

    So glad to have your blog in my “favorites” now πŸ™‚

  10. funny!! this reminds me of life on the farm years ago. we had a dog who was really carrying on outside. I opened the door to see what in the world was going on. ah…he’s barking at a big snake in the front yard. the cat was curious too, I guess. He walked over to assess the situation, killed the snake and walked off. The dog then picked the snake up and proceeded to parade around, apparently proud (about what, i don’t know…he didn’t actually do anything except bark)…aren’t animals (and humans) just too funny?!

  11. Oh how I loved reading (and seeing) your snake experience from the safety of my computer! You are a VERY brave woman. Snakes would make me scream and run but spiders freak me out to the point of hyperventilating, even teeny tiny ones. Once I trapped a huge spider underneath a big cup and waited until my husband came home from work to get it out of the house. I couldn’t even go near that cup all day. *shivers*

  12. Good job of identifying that it was a non venemous snake! And not killing it. I don’t mind those snakes, we usually let them do their own thing, outside of course, but the rattler that came to my back yard was another thing. I almost had a heart attack when I stepped over it, made the hubby kill it. It is mice that I am very afraid of, yuck, all the disease they carry really freaks me out.

  13. **shivers!** I know it’s just a baby garter snake but still .. a snake’s a snake and if it had moved at or near me … snake puree!!

    You were brave and resourceful and I’m awfully proud of you …inner shriek & all (hey a girl’s got to be a girl a little bit, right?) πŸ™‚ MJ

    P.S. I thought the snake was huge till I saw kitty next to it. Then I did have to smile!!

  14. We get loads of snakes out here, they love our piles of wood. Plus they are massively poisonous so I don’t want to go anywhere near them, apart from the fact that I have to go rescue my cat from them, she likes palying with them!! At least yours was only little.

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  16. At times like this I’m glad I’m in England. The worst creature we ever had in our home was a small bat that came down the chimney, was Roz glad when i came home? You bet.

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  18. Love your blog! lol…I would’ve died! The kitty doesn’t seem to mind it though!! Would love for you to follow my blog? and any kind of insite you can give me would be appreciated! lol…Hope you have a great weekend!!

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  22. Ewwwwwwwww ick and yukkkk. I would have shrieked for sure no matter if it was big or small. So far I have never had that happen here in the basement,,,but my Mom told me once way back before I was born that she was washing clothes one day….our washer and dryer are in the basement….and she bent over to scoop up a pile of clothes from the floor and ta-da she had hold of a snake as well as clothes. Ick ick ick!!!

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