I am my beloved’s and he is mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! On this exquisite Monday!

I do love this day. I love any day that involves some encouraged (some may say forced) lovin’. Country Man and I celebrated last night, and after reading in the sun on the deck for a few hours, adding a little color to my face and legs, and cleaning the big south window for the first time in three years, it was a perfect night to celebrate.

It was also a great day for a walk.

South Dakota beautiful day
Well, that’s if you own a pair of boots. I learned my lesson again (a lesson I seem to forget every year) about taking the pups for a walk in the spring. Here’s proof:

South Dakota Milo
Milo, of course. Always Milo. Speaking of that little squirt, the pups were sleeping on the couch last night (after a bath). Milo had fallen into a dead sleep, and when husband reached down to move him, he startled the fur ball and Milo bit him, which led to a very loud shout followed by some unfriendly words. I thought for sure he’d spotted a snake or something. I shouldn’t laugh, but I did and I am now. Thank goodness Milo is only four pounds! I can take the old grouch.

South Dakota pup

I love you, my stinky little vampire.

Country Man had such a beautiful night planned last night, including sweet potato fries, spinach and pork. I love pork! Then at the end, angel food cake. To drink, we had decaf coffee. I just realized all I talked about was the food. But it did include some lovely candles and a beautiful gift. It was a wonderful night overall.

So now I am off to plan something for him. He’s not forgotten around here.

South Dakota love

Milo ran through my heart. It looks like Cupid's arrow now, don't you think?

How about you? Do you and yours partake in the red and pink holiday?

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28 thoughts on “I am my beloved’s and he is mine.

  1. God didn’t forget us on this day either, we are having a lovely day weather wise, no more snow (in the yard anyway, still melting elsewhere) 50’s and partly sunny. I’ll take it. Some women get flowers, this year I got a (much needed) printer. He got a steak dinner with garlic fries and mac and cheese (cooked by mwah).. and if I can find time (and clean counter space) some valentines treats tonight. It was a weekend spent with him being on call, so we can’t make much in the way of plans (darn work).

    And I feel your pain with the mud, be happy you have little dogs. I have given baths/spray downs the past couple times we’re out. Hate it, the lab hair is enough to deal with, the mud can stay away.
    Happy Valentine’s Day

  2. I have always been an ESPECIALLY big fan of Valentine’s Day…special lunches packed for school and work, decorations to surprise everyone in the morning, unexpected treats for friends, and ALOT of pink. My son says he’s too old now for hearts from mom on his sandwich wrapping. Oh well. A little embarrassment is good for the ego. Makes him stronger πŸ™‚

    I love pork too! What did you make? I’m waiting for dinner now, in front of a warm fire, while my valentine cooks away. Sweet dreams…

  3. I love that you can now see the ground there (and here as well). We exchanged cards in the morning and then went out for dinner when he got home (mexican, LOVE IT) and just spent the night together, just the two of us. Pretty nice for a couple that has been married almost 32 years. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Enjoy the sunshine ahead.

  4. Adorable. Love the snow heart. And looks like the snow is melting!?!?! I think Punxsy Phil was right!! Early spring here too! Not to brag, but I think we’re getting to 71 by the end of the week!!!!! Very unusual for here, but we’ll take it πŸ™‚

  5. I LOVE Valentine’s Day! This year, however, we didn’t get a chance to celebrate. Since my 2nd baby came into the mix 6 months ago, things have been a little hectic. We did get each other little gifts but we didn’t get to go out to dinner like we normally do. Oh well, maybe next year!

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