March Onward

South Dakota sky
A melancholy soul aches.

South Dakota life
Aches for the loss, suffocating you, the prayers unheard.

South Dakota life
To find retreat in the undiscovered Wonderland, like she before you.

South Dakota life
Does it even exist?

South Dakota life
Can it exist in this realm?

South Dakota life
Yes. It can. It does.

South Dakota life
It won’t be easy. But nothing easy was every worth it. Just ask Alice.

South Dakota life
March onward … it will be worth it.

South Dakota life
Of course it will. March onward.


19 thoughts on “March Onward

  1. I moved to Oklahoma from Nebraska 21 years ago this very month. I understand and have compassion for those who live the long, difficult winter months in the northern part of our country. I grew up a farm girl, acclimated to the harsh, yet idyllic life of what I now call simply, “the north”. I am spoiled now, living a pleasant and much easier life in the southern Midwest, where warmth and heat, and raw winds blow sand particles, and funny talking people greet each other saying words like “y’all” and “yawntoo” (do you want to?). I am proud of my Nebraska roots, my farm girl background, and all that I grew up with that now labels me different among these southern folk. This year we had two big snows in excess of 6 inches each time. I was out there with my old fleece lined snow booties, parka, and my snow scoop, shoveling snow with a giant smile on my face. For here, snow is a novelty and for me, a time to reflect on the beauty of a life not always understood by southerners.

    Your spring will arrive my friend… just when mother nature decides it’s time to bring a little color into your palette!! I love your posts… your life’s journey is a beautiful one!

      • Thank you! I love your blog and your thoughts. I have started a blog only recently. It was supposed to be a winter project, but I’m not a techy person at all so it’s been slow going trying to decide how to go about this project. One of these days I will be up and running!

        I have used littlesundog for some time, but never thought of it having Native American roots! Actually, I love that thought! I am a transplant from Nebraska and am of Danish/German descent, but I have always felt a kinship with the Native American people. Funny how I should land in the Native American capitol of the U.S.! I actually chose the name based on my fascination of “sun dogs” (bright spots of light often seen near the sun) and my love of being outdoors in the sun.

  2. Beautiful photos!!! Truly beautiful. Reminds me of this quote by Rachel Carson: “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” So true! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. March onward indeed, we had outside water play at our house today. 70 degrees, love this spring weather in late February, hope your weather is improving as well. Spring is just around the corner.

  4. I just can’t by your avatar…sad…I know…too naughty…but you know what’s even weirder than the fact that my first experience was with a bannister? Give up? Want a hint? More time? I could give you some random letters…ok…I’ll tell you…my first dog’s name was Tobi too…a dalmation (male) plus I met a dog yesterday named Tobi!!! But the really weird part was it was the dog himself who said: “hi ho…my name’s Tobi and I like to be patted and if it goes well, next time I see you I may let you kiss me on my snout…

    I’ve often suspected that the “real” Skunkworks is in South Dakota…so now I know what you have in your silos and why, perhaps, you have so much time to write…

    You’re lucky (but don’t use this comment as an excuse to drive 150 miles to the corner store for scratch tickets…I don’t want any part of that…except a percentage of any winnings) such a beautiful place to live…I had a kitty exactly like yours too…his name was Sam…he walked funny cause his rear end was higher (significantly) than his front end so it was really funny to watch him run…which is why, I think, he didn’t run much…cats are so perceptive….

    • should say “can’t get by your avatar” and yet I did…but I’ll be back…I love animated women…I read the poetry under your photos too and found it very uplifting…thank you!

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