Pepe LePew, you stinky skat.

Remember last week’s post about a snake in the basement? In that post, I made mention of a skunk in the Man Cave. That’s one good thing about stinky skunks – there is no denying their presence. Country Man placed a trail cam in the shed to catch this striped culprit. Upon reviewing the SD card, it was discovered we weren’t entirely correct in our analysis of this Kitty-food loving creature. It wasn’t fully skunk; not fully cat, either. Whatever do you call this thing?

Let’s start with what we do know:

This is a “normal” Kitty. Normal being completely subjective, of course.

South Dakota Kitty

Sleeping on top of the pups little outdoor rest area.

South Dakota Kitty

Kitty back in her skinny days ...

So that’s a normal Kitty, I think.

What was recorded on camera, however, was not like Kitty above.

South Dakota skat

A normal trail cam view of the kitty door

This particular animal is referred to as a civet cat, also known as coon cat or miner’s cat. Or as I like to say, a Skat. Part cat, part skunk. Not to be confused with “scat”, which is a mountain lion’s #2. More on mountain lions in the near future as well.

South Dakota Skat

Skat! Skat!!

How incredibly peculiar is that creature? Now, as an animal lover and huntress, I was a little deterred by this civet cat’s appearance. It’s not fat and square like a skunk … but that is definitely not a normal Kitty’s tail … I just don’t know what to make of it.

South Dakota civet cat\

South Dakota civet cat

The tail looks like a handy duster ... hm ...

Now that we know just what it is that lurks in the Man Cave, the next step is to figure out what to do with the nocturnal thief. This plan has yet to be hatched. Since skats do spray, nobody is volunteering to get close to it.

South Dakota Kitty
Except Kitty. What will she do if she comes upon the unwelcomed foe? She’s bigger, that’s for sure. And I doubt she likes sharing her home with a skat. How awful to have a reminder of your weird, estranged family member that you thought was buried in your past when you evolved into such a clean, sophisticated being? You know, the one who comes over uninvited, eats your food, and in the end, leaves a bad smell in your home. Nope, I wouldn’t like it one bit either!

Tune in next week …

Or maybe not. This may not end pretty.


46 thoughts on “Pepe LePew, you stinky skat.

  1. Wow that is one ODD looking creature! Part cat, part skunk, part zebra, part bottle brush! I like the name Skat that you gave it! LOL Maybe you should submit that photo to an animal magazine – they may publish it and give you the answer! Looking forward to updates on this little guy. Have a good weekend!

  2. Weird. I’ve never seen anything like it. That does look like a bottle brush tail. The markings are odd too. Keep us informed.
    Hey, I know! I’ve watched Monster Quest……there is the Chupacabra, Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster, and now THE SOUTH DAKOTA SKAT. I’d be careful if I were you…they might be very sneaky. Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Whoa.

    I didn’t know something like that existed! Those photos are great–now I feel kind of weird, though, because this skat is so out of the ordinary.

    Good luck getting rid of your furry visitor! Happy weekend to you…

  4. I never saw anything like it in my life…creepy, like some kind of missing link. I love your blog by the way. I don’t know how I came across it but I can’t wait till your next posting. You always make my day.

  5. I think that is scarier than the snake! Not sure I would want to mess with that either. Good luck getting rid of it. Hope Kitty doesn’t have an altercation with it either.

  6. wow! I have never heard of such a thing; what a cool looking pattern and, like you, I wouldn’t want to get up close & personal, either. Hope super Brave Kitty stays back … keep us posted ๐Ÿ™‚ MJ

  7. Wow, I can say that it’s pretty darn cool, simply because it’s not in our man cave (not that we have one anyway).. I had an idea though. I don’t know what it would cost to switch out your cat door. But they do make dog/cat doors that require a key. The key is found on the animals collar, and it allows the animal to pass through the door, otherwise it stays locked.. This may be an option depending on how much it would cost to switch the brands out.

    Let us know what plan you come up with.

  8. Wow! I have heard of civet cats but never seen them. I was told they were pretty rare. Neat, but now that you have the picture…time to go!!

  9. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m one of those odd people who thinks skunks are cute.
    I have a cousin who breeds them for pets. They are curious, happy little creatures.

    One day, I’m going to have one myself-if my city ever changes pet bylaws. Right now skunks are considered exotics, so, not allowed. I do think it would be so fun to walk down the street with my pet skunk on a leash…

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