Unleashing the power of the sun

South Dakota calf
Another cold day in South Dakota means another day of staring out the window, elbows resting on the electric heater supporting our indoor dwarf fruit trees, cursing mother nature and her blatant disregard for my developing darkening overcast eyes.

Yes, too much time inside creates a monster.

In the rebellious nature that dwells in us all, I bundle up quickly and tightly, remembering to put socks on before my boots, camera in one pocket and treats in the other, and step outside to embrace the inevitable reminder of a winter not done.

South Dakota tree
The sun burns my eyes, in the only way natural light is capable of doing. It’s ability to remove the darkness, and in its place make room for light, is a refreshing transformation from just minutes ago. In that moment the mind loses its power over me, the power to turn good into bad, positive into negative … the power it held inside.

Now, the sun has its say.

South Dakota sun
And like a good song on the radio, or a wink from your loved one in a crowded room, the sun gives way to calm simplicity and serenity …

South Dakota Country Man
Like watching a good man and his work that’s never done.

South Dakota lab
Or a faithful dog play in the snow, knocking you over with untamed enthusiasm, enjoying the day as it is.

South Dakota lab
Or that pesky Kitty you determined yourself not to love, but cannot help it. Even when she insists on walking in front of your feet, tripping you into a snow pile.

South Dakota Kitty

Who’s mysterious eyes won’t tell whether she did it on purpose …

South Dakota kitty
… or just wants you to make sure she won’t be forgotten.

South Dakota Kitty
Yep, it’s good to be outside among friends.

South Dakota calf

And I’m believing the feelings are mutual.

South Dakota Kitty

As they should be …  I do hold the treats in my pocket, after all.


15 thoughts on “Unleashing the power of the sun

  1. Love the cow pics especially – they’re just so darned sweet looking! Still chilly here, but winter’s being shown the door by Mother Nature. Our days swing between the 30s and the 50s, so spring’s definitely trying to break through. I see the first tiny leaf buds on the trees – a bit early, but still welcome!

  2. Love the photos, but sorry you all still have snow. We were expected to get a light dusting on Thursday and ended up with 6″. Oh well, it warmed up and melted by Sunday (along with the rain and thunderstorms!) Hoping it warms up for you all this week.

  3. That’s the one thing you can always say about winter: Eventually it ends.

    I’m glad you made it outside and saw some sun for a bit. I’m with you–looking forward to seeing more of it, hopefully soon!

  4. Sometimes you just can’t help but be drawn outside into the cold! I love the cattle pictures! My dad (who is definitely NOT much of techie guy!) frequently sends me phone pics of his cattle, and they always cheer me up. At least it is March, so Spring isn’t TOOOO far away….

  5. Just what I needed. To see another person suffering through this winter like me! (Just kidding.) I love that you got up and went outside, and your pictures are great. Made me feel like I was out there walking along too. I just read a book by Lee Child, “61 Hours” that was set in South Dakota. Your pictures confirm — it’s cooooold there. Thanks for sharing that look into your day.

  6. This is really nice. Want to be a country wife too someday or live in the mountains, wherever close to mother nature. It seems to me that life is not life without trees and the birds and other animals who help humans be human… Thanks for writing your life. Peace and blessings,

  7. Beautiful pics. They’re so simple, and I’ve never seen a feline enjoy snow so much. She looks quite in her own.
    Awesome post, I will be checking back for more =)
    ☮ & ♥


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