Country Wife’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band

I spend portions of my week catching up on blogs I follow and learning information from various sources – whichever is most imperative and crucial at the time (ha!). One writer/blogger I follow posted today about the type of people who have discovered her blog using often unrelated search terms. For example, most people are directed to my blog by typing, “the simple life of a country man’s wife.” Simple. Related. Google did its job. Swell! Other times, however, people find me using terms that cause me to raise my eyebrows in interest. Here are a few that did just that:

  • merry christmas dang it
  • red lipstick kisses on a man’s face
  • hunting in south dakota benefit of living in the country
  • signs that you’re a desperate housewife
  • grateful for my child shoveling snow

and my favorite:

  • do cowboys and farmers make good husbands?

To which I would answer, yes.

In rare cases, some lonely bloke finds me searching non G-rated terms; and because this is a G-rated blog, I’m not going to reprint them. But I assure you, they must have been sorely disappointed to land on this blog …

But if you’ve been following The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife for any length of time, you probably know how some people ended up on this blog using those terms. While it was I that shoveled the snow, and not my little slave child, I did write a post about it, causing someone to find their sweet little self here. Those red lipstick kisses, you ask? A post from many moons ago, sharing my new love and fascination for a lipstick’s power to change a girl’s spirit. A cow photo included, of course. And the desperate housewife one? There must have been some mistake!

I began this blog in hopes to form relationships/connections with people, from all over the world. I didn’t have a target audience in mind, but as long as people liked what they read and saw, then it was mission accomplished.

Mission successful, yes indeed. I have met some truly great people, and have received only positive, encouraging words of kindness. I so love that you keep coming back!

South Dakota Kitty
All of this leaves me wondering … As a blogger, what are some of the strangest terms that have led people to your blog? As a reader, what type of blog peaks your interest the most? For me, lots of good photos and heartfelt, solid writing keep me comin’ back for more.


64 thoughts on “Country Wife’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band

  1. Here are some of the ways people find my blog…searching for…..

    eucharisteo definition
    people who expect perfection
    touching heaven changing life
    greek chocolate chip cookies
    melva radcliffe
    do not worry about tomorrow

    Interesting. And who is Melva Radcliffe? I’m going to have to look her up:)

  2. I love blogs with beautiful pictures, honest conversation and not too wordy (short attention span). I also follow ones that peak my interest like cooking, photography, dogs, or gives me a perspective about another part of the country or world for that matter. Also, I agree about the unusual search terms that bring people to my blog….some are very interesting:)

  3. The latest searches are… whole bbq chicken, poutine, roast chicken leftover dinner, mango banana salad, shrimp ceviche.. which bring up my blog.

    There was “how hot is Claire Robinson” at one time, which made me laugh! I did indeed write about my meeting Claire at a book fair.

    I like creative writing, interesting pictures, and travel (pictures and the food). Your blog tells a great story, you’re funny, and remind me of the snow and fields back home. I’m glad I found your blog πŸ™‚

  4. I like blogs that share something about our lives with others. I particularly like ones that are from an area of the country (or the world for that matter) that I’m not familiar with!

  5. I sure do love your blog!

    Strangest terms bringing folks to my personal blog?

    Top 3 this week (in no particular order)

    1) landfill squirrel tornado (um????)

    2) mouse droppings vs rat droppings (no comment)

    3) i wish my grades smoked weed, they’d get higher… (dot dot dots there for….????)

    Those are just the ones fit to print. The internet is a wild & wacky place!

  6. I don’t really get the weird search terms, I did once have a link to a tooth related site once. I get the spam comments, people wanting to advertise their products, I click the good ol’ delete permanently button.

  7. 2 people found my blog by searching “sleeps with her eyes”. The weird thing is that they came back over a couple of days. Uhhh ….

    Anyways, I popped over from “A Peine For Your Thoughts” and stuck around b/c I am a fellow South Dakota wife. We live on a farm, but aren’t farmers yet πŸ™‚

  8. Stumbled upon your blog and I love it! Beautiful South Dakota scenery, makes me want to visit your part of the country. For the record, farmers and cowboys DO make awesome husbands! I’m a coal-miner’s daughter, granddaughter of a three-generation farmer, and married a cowboy in Texas.

    Have a blessed day and happy blogging!
    P.S. I hope you will visit my blog too,

  9. I had this search term pop up on my mystery book club blog — старая ΠΊΠ½ΠΈΠ³Π° тСмная лошадка. According to my Russian speaking friend, it means “old book dark horse”. The book club had recently discussed “The Dark Horse” by Craig Johnson.

    I thought it was cool.

  10. Love this post! I am drawn to blogs with gorgeous photos (like yours!) I like hilarious or more serious posts…it all interests me. When I read a blog, I’m often pressed for time (aren’t we all?) so I prefer blogs that are not too wordy and long-winded. Short and sweet usually gets my attention.

    As for strange searches that have led to my blog: a lot are R rated and/or creepy, naturally, LOL. The ones I can print are:

    why do i want to run and hide
    maineiac way of saying yes
    moms secret survival stash
    naked mom ran across the stage to hide (what in world?!)
    laryngitis never
    bathroom sigh (mmmkay…LOL)

  11. Funny post! I love how the wordpress stats page provides such great daily entertainment. In addition to the search terms section, I love the referring sites section just so I can watch what the spammers are up to. One of today’s spam links promises an article about a supposed car accident involving Justin Timberlake. Now, I love me some JT, and I’m half-inclined to click just to see what it claims to be true. I just wonder how the spammers knew I’m a closet JT fan, since I’ve never breathed a word of that to anyone.

    • lol! Too funny. For some reason I don’t receive many descriptive referring sites. Just bitly ones. Once in a while I get one from “Janetblog,” which leads to nothing. But I have a close family member named Janet, and I wonder if she’s lurking. Dang those spammers need to get out of our heads!

  12. I don’t get the odd searches hits, but then I have the “search engines” turned off on mine. *shrug* Never thought to turn it on.

    When I follow a blog I look for like minded people, so that covers a lot, since my tastes are diverse, and a tad bit odd at time. I love photos, and recipes…I follow a few farming blogs, some goat blogs, and quite a few simple living/survivalist blogs. Of course, there a few for favorite authors and artists too.

    What catches me is well thought out, well written, posts. I like stimulating conversation-even is it is in writing!-and even if I don’t agree with a blogger’s position on something, I enjoy reading *why* they feel the way they do. πŸ™‚

  13. Love all your random searches. I had Justin Timberlake car cash yesterday…I have no idea how that is connected with me…

  14. I don’t normally have “weird” search items but lately I have been getting a ton of spam because apparently “Google” picked up something in one of my posts (think it was the one about my father in law) and I bet I have received 2000 spam comments. Some of them are funny and some of them are unkind but the ones in German, I would love to know what they say. I received two from Finland, one from Norway, three from Australia and who knows where the others came from.
    I agree with the other posts, farmers and cowboys do make great husbands. Well, my farmer husband has been great anyway.
    Have a great week.

  15. For me (to answer your question), I enjoy blog entries that describe a sudden revelation, inspiration, or self-discovery. They are the most fascinating because they are filled with life, energy and are unique to the individual, the writer, sharing. I love blog entries that are sold on perspective and viewpoint — I love humor and I also love alittle sarcasm.

    Enjoyed reading your post —
    true to life is always endearing.

    Aun Aqui

  16. The most interesting search terms that led people to my site are:
    – average age of men who drive a 1980 corrvette
    – beetle how comfortable is it
    – how do i open a pdf on mr mac so i can fill in bixes
    – is there a way for flies to get in a flyproof house?
    – “drop on the paper”

    I like to find blogs that describe life in other parts of the world. I like writers with a sense of humor. I like pictures. And of course, I like average age men in 1980 Corvettes…

  17. I haven’t had too many weird search terms used to find my blog. The most amusing are ones looking for Mr. Bean (from the TV show, not my husband :P) cakes, looking for some kind of actual engineering knowledge or terrible, terrible spellings. I’m also quite popular for making a version of spinach puffs from the Emperor’s New Groove. haha.

  18. Here via a freshly pressed site just surfin’ through some great blogs. Off the top I understand a few folks were drawn to my blog by some not so strange terms though: Hair, wolves, hunting, New years not sure what all else. Nature photos, flora and fauna interest me, along with blogs about life; living a healthier lifestyle, nutrition, included and other stuff it takes to cope – a lot of faithe, hope truth&light where in lies freedom. Happy March to you and the critters(“-“)

  19. I loved your lipstick post. Back when I wrote my post on co-sleeping with our baby daughter that made Freshly Pressed (and I subsequently deleted from my blog when I stopped doing it for a few months – boo hoo), I received so many non-G rated searches I was almost too scared to look at the search words in the end. Talk about an eye opening experience…

    • Oh, I can imagine! After writing this post I decided to block search engine traffic. It makes me feel a bit more free to post photos without just anybody popping over from random, sometimes inappropriate and unrelated search terms.

      It’s good to hear from you! You are one of the few who has been here since the beginning of this blog πŸ™‚

  20. As a former Alaskan, my blog seems to be known most for Alaska, moose dropping(s) – an article about moose droppings and a bullseye intended as a money earner for charity, not actually dropping a moose- and Patron tequila. The odd terms that send people my way are not G-rated and not fit to reprint here, often mistakenly directed my way. Ooh! I forgot that people visit my blog because of my review of Star Trek, the movie. Or just other odd little things about Alaska.

    Funny huh? I’m an Alaskan, that started blogging in Oregon and now I live in Georgia. Changing my moniker seemed silly and potentially confusing, so I didn’t.

  21. Ah, I am bummed. I signed up for your posts awhile ago but don’t get them. As for phrases and words that get people to my blog, they are usually really boring, like “life in the boomer lane.”. The most interesting for the last day is “inexplicable is good.” If that’s true, I guess mostly everything is good.

  22. What a fun concept to blog about. I so enjoy reading your posts! As for what else I like: Short posts. Thoughtful posts. Funny posts. Posts that introduce me to something I’ve never heard or seen before.

  23. Came upon your fun blog via What Gives 365 and love the photos.

    I’m always amazed at what people Google to find me and today it was this odd assortment:

    Audi A7 3.0
    rubber duck in harbor
    are all chemex coffee made in america
    auckland war memorial museum
    pepcid complete march 2011
    la cremaillere banksville ny march 5 2011 fire ambulances
    burning leaves
    mt eden – auckland’s highest point
    “what’s my line”
    taronga zoo gondolas

    Now all those searches DO correlate to some post but the one that throws me that I see daily is the “burning leaves.” What the heck is someone Googling Burning Leaves for in the first place and why, this time of year especially? And how could my old post even remotely come up in that search? Very strange all this “searching” and ” Googling.”

    Thanks for sharing your South Dakota life in the blogosphere!

    • I know, you wanted to stop in and be jealous with me as she travels Rome, eh? πŸ™‚

      Like you, most of the searches somewhat relate to a post I wrote. It’s fun to see the types of things people type! I know I search some random things myself πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting!

  24. Here’s a snappy search someone used on my site
    “for every one who exalts himself will be humbled,but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”
    Probably longer than some of my posts!
    Still enjoying your photos…

  25. ha ha, I had hundreds of visits from: hugh jackman speedo

    someone posted a photo as a joke comment after speedos were mentioned in another unrelated comment (all I had blogged about was a day at the beach, innocently . . .well, mostly)

  26. haha
    I get tons of hits from people searching for the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, also from people searching tights! (I posted about how I wore my first pair of tights last year)

    I love looking at how people come across my blog! πŸ™‚

    • lol, it is pretty fun to see how people are finding your blog. I have since blocked search engine traffic, and only receive new people through searching the actual blog title. Maybe not as fun on the surface, but better than being found with some of the strange, unwanted terms πŸ™‚

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