Just Call Me Dora


South Dakota sun

Glorious, camera-smudged sun.

South Dakota sun
Spring has sprung for a little while, until this weekend when another shot of cold comes in. That’s ok. Just one day of sunshine was enough to remind me of what’s to come …

South Dakota bug
Like bugs! That’s something we can all celebrate.

Next to bugs, my favorite part of this upcoming springtime is calving. Each new day welcomes me with the sight of another wobbly-legged, bawling calf lying under his narrow-eyed momma. Shouldn’t be long.

While we wait, my faithful follower and I will enjoy the nice days we’re given. Thank goodness this life is a never-ending exploration!

South Dakota pup
Exploration in the form of searching for mountain lions in our trees, as a few have been recently reported around this area. I’ve chosen Bowie, The Black Huntress, as the sacrifice if I should come upon one today. Tomorrow, it’s any pup’s game. Bowie for now because she decided to pierce my eardrum again this morning as she yipped and gnawed on Tobi’s back leg, and stole socks from the laundry basket and bit my toes and chewed on paper and tore her sweater off …

South Dakota trees

On the east side, we can watch the bulls in the pasture as they graze and hang out until calving season is over. Yep, those massive beasts have certainly got it easy in this life.

South Dakota pasture

Most of the time, exploring simply comes in the form of sitting on a fence with the golden sun on your face and a new warmth spreading across your heart, taking in just how beautiful creation is.

South Dakota pasture

Well, nature’s a calling. Better get back to it.

South Dakota pasture

Hope you’re enjoying today. Probably feeling pretty fortunate, too? I sure am.


21 thoughts on “Just Call Me Dora

  1. Our purple crocuses are blooming already, the trees have sizable buds, and the daffodils have pushed up several inches! Bugs I can do without, but flowers are among my favorite things!

  2. Wow–when I first saw your second image, I though it was a shot of the beach, with the rolling foam of the tide stretching across the sand. What a fantastic shot!

  3. We were grateful for the sun today as well. Tiffy and I enjoyed a long walk….it certainly seemed like an awfully long winter this year and we really hope it’s over. I can wait till next year to make another snowman:)

  4. Here in Ohio it rained and flooded….then last night it snowed. So it is cold, gray, and snowy here. BUT, I know Spring is on the way:)
    I love your blog and your pictures. I just read an article not too long ago in my Farm and Ranch magazine about a family of farmers in South Dakota. Thought of you:)

    I’ve been all over the U.S.A, but never to North and South Dakota. I really want to visit some day. It is beautiful country!

  5. Your landscape is so stark and beautiful. It never ceases to amaze me how much color there can still be in winter — I think the whiteness of the snow accentuates everything else.

  6. The dear outside my office are back today. They eat the winter berries and young foliage here. One was a fat mama dear, looks like she will soon have a fawn!

    Great pictures 🙂

  7. Yesterday I was singing the praise of those little signs of Spring today, however, was alarming. I woke up to pounding snow but then I heard about the Earthquake in Japan followed by the Tsunami affecting many other countries. I’ve humbled myself to not complain about my silly, inconvenient weather and to pray for those less fortunate. I love it when people share something uplifting like your blog and your photos. Thanks for sending some sunshine this way, my head was kind of low for awhile today.

  8. Great post, glad the sun is shining in your part of the world. Beautiful weather where we are (Florida vacationing) but it is also nice at home, flowers are starting to peak out of the ground, yeah!!

  9. We are also having a glorious day here. I’m still waiting on some of the brown and crispy frostbitten landscape to let me know what will return. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  10. I like that tree shot, but I am a sucker for trees.. My husband would love to see a cat walk across the yard here… any cat even :-/ though better he get than the dogs I think. I made myself get out to enjoy this day the Lord has made, the creeks are rushing due to all the rain we’ve had lately so I’m glad I got out. Not many bugs out yet here… but a stink bug was menacing me while I worked in the kitchen, you want some of them?

    Take care, and keep looking forward to spring, bet you have wonderful wildflowers out there

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