Any Man of Mine

This sweet song serenaded me late last night, as Country Man had not yet adapted to the springing forward of time, and “needed” Steve Earle’s vocal graces to sooth him to sleep. Me, no problemo with the time change. Could’ve done it without Earle’s help.

However, I’m in this for the long haul, sleepless nights or not, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put a suggestion out to the deejay …

Words to live by, girls. True for me, beginning when Mom, sister and I went to Miss Twain’s concert during those confusing middle school days, and it.was.great.

Her songs, beauty and voice later became an inspiration to me and my cowgirl best friend in the wild years of high school, where I’d found my core circle and never looked back to the dreadful, awkward middle school season. We’d drive around Friday nights while waiting for two particular boys to call, and crank up Twain’s empowering “Any Man of Mine,” while thinking yes, Amen!

Twain set the standards high for us blond girls developing our sense of security as young women, and what we expected of those country boys. At that time, it certainly wasn’t that if we burned their dinner black, they had better say, “mmm, I like it like that!”

No, it was more along the lines of free beverages, pickup rides on back roads, and no end-of-the-night expectations. In return, they were blessed with our superb social skills, witty humor and radiant beauty. At least that’s what I’d like to think, and not that we were abusing the power we held over those testosterone-crazed young men …

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, listening to Twain boldly belt out her future man’s required qualities, I thought of how I carried her lyrics with me since those adolescent days. How it molded into mind the kind of man that I could spend the rest of my life with; one who wouldn’t be afraid of my Shania-inspired sass and standards.

The song was over, and Country Man closed the laptop, rolling his eyes. I punched him lightly on the shoulder. He laughed, gently whispering, “You’re so ornery … that’s what I like about you.”


15 thoughts on “Any Man of Mine

  1. I hear you, friend. No amount of money could ever make me agree to go back to those middle school years. I find that life is better and better the older we get.

  2. Aww, thanks for bringing back memories! I was in high school when that song came out and I remember running to the mall to buy a jean vest and trying to get my hair to look exactly like hers in the video. Her opinions on how a man should treat a woman (or more accurately, the woman’s demands for such) stuck with me as well. She is a strong woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. I think all of us, whether we are in middle school, high school, or adults, can learn a thing or two from her!

  3. Yep, knowing what you want and acting on it are the best things in life. Well and finding a man that loves and respects a “strong” woman! So glad you found yours.

  4. I very much like your blog. Except my husband hunts soda cans with pellet guns. I think he does rather well.

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