The Gift of Senses

Spring is in my spirit, that’s for sure. And with the clean crisp air filling my lungs, small rivers of water at my feet, and newborn calves over the fence, this is sure to be a good year.

Like the flowers in the field and birds in the air, we are awakening to the beauty around us.

Sounds of Spring

South Dakota geese

South Dakota Geese

The honking of geese has been nature’s music this week.

I think they sound lovely. The pups sure don’t agree.

South Dakota Geese

Sights of Spring

South Dakota Sky

South Dakota morning sky

It’s an awful great thing to wake up to this South Dakota sky.

South Dakota sky

It’s an awful great thing to wake up at all, really.

Smells of Spring

South Dakota calves

Curious calves

The combination of silage and manure fills the nostrils with a welcomed fragrance. I’ve always love that smell …

Tastes of Spring

South Dakota muffins

Fresh blueberries

The taste of fresh blueberry muffins crumbling in my mouth … and the anticipation of a new garden to be brought to life. A list of labor that keeps growing and growing as excitement builds.

South Dakota muffins
All the senses are a wonderful gift, but the final one, touch, may be the most necessary in life. We can lose our hearing … our sight … our taste and smell (my mother understands the latter two). But touch … we may wither if it’s not received.

A touch from a mother’s gentle hug … a kiss on a sweet furry friend’s head … a grasp from a baby’s firm grip. To rub your nose against a child’s soft cheek … or the light brush from a lover’s lips.

Yes, touch is a powerful sense.

The Touch of Spring

South Dakota hunting

South Dakota pup

Little Bowie

South Dakota wedding

It’s a beautiful thing.

To carry on the question my English professor asked of her students … If you had to give up one sense, which would you choose and why?


37 thoughts on “The Gift of Senses

  1. Loving the spring-like weather here too! Even the mud speaks to me of spring. And my husband is extraordinarily excited about the geese. He points them out every time we see a flock … and since there are thousands of them it’s a pretty constant thing when we’re driving!

    I’ve been debating the sense question and it’s really hard! I guess I would probably say smell. But I know how intrinsically its linked with taste and I don’t want to give up taste! But to never be able to see again .. or hear? That would be awful.

  2. I know I am being greedy when I say I don’t want to give any of them up! Before I was diagnosed w/ Meniere’s, I thought I would be half-deaf permanently. My hearing has thankfully returned, but the experience was enough to never take any of my senses for granted. I love this post – such a great reminder to embrace them all. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.

  3. It is too hard to say which sense to give up if you had to give up one. I have to wear glasses, so I know how horrid it is when one sense starts to go. I wish I could have full sight back.

    • I too wear contacts/glasses. It’s not fun, but I’m thankful to have that corrective option. My mother has not had her sense of smell/taste since I was about seven. She’s learned to work around it, but is thankful for her health and family now.
      Sometimes, I’m learning, the things we think in our mind would be so terrible, can actually be the thing that saves us from ourselves and help us to become better people.

      Thanks for stopping in, Katie!

  4. Great post and photos! I haven’t had a very good sense of smell or taste for a couple of decades. After having a sinus surgery, for a brief period I could smell and taste everything! My favorite smell? Butter sauteing in a skillet. The worst smell? Skunk. I had never really gotten the full effect. After about a month of smelling and tasting bliss, my body went back to the ways of old… darn it! It’s not the worst thing in the world though. It’s better than losing sight, hearing or touch!

    • The sinus surgery botched your sense of smell/taste? Or did you not have those senses before? Seeing my mom go through the last about 20 years without those senses has given me a small glimpse into what it’s like. Mostly because she relied on sister and I to smell everything and describe it to her 🙂

  5. Lovely post, and great photos. I’m glad to know the geese in South Dakota know how to fly in that “V” formation. Ohio geese just have no idea how it’s done.

  6. Thanks for sharing such great photos! I always look forward to reading/viewing your posts.

    I don’t want to give up any senses, but if I had to choose one to KEEP, I’d say sight. I can’t imagine not being able to read (in the traditional way). Then again, as you mentioned above, sometimes the thing we most fear can be the thing that saves us 🙂

    • So glad you introduced yourself! I remember during that class having such a hard time deciding what sense I would give up. After much deliberation, I thought myself clever for choosing touch because it would be the least painful to lose … only to find out everybody but one chose the same thing … I felt unoriginal. So, it caused me to really think and consider it more!

      PS. Went to check out your blog, but it says it has been deleted?

  7. Your photographs are so nice. I want to see more of the calves – I just love spring on a farm! We have a sheep farm near our house and my daughter and I drive by often (maybe too much!) and everyday there are more and more lambs – they are so sweet!

    I remember discussing the topic of losing a sense once with my husband – it’s a hard one! Guess that’s why we don’t have that choice! Since smell and taste are inextricably linked and I have such a sensitive sense of smell, I would not wish to lose that. Never touch – especially now that I have a child. There’s nothing better than the feel of her skin or a hug with her small arms around my neck.

    However, I am a fan of quiet solitude – no radio, TV or people noise in general. Perhaps I would adjust to the loss of hearing the best? Just not quite sure!

    I’m really enjoying your posts!


  8. What sense would I give up…hmm, not sight. I draw, paint, and sew. Heck, I sew for extra money, so, can’t let sight go. Hearing? Nope, love music too much. Can’t carry a tune to save my life, but I love to hear others sing…maybe taste/smell? Nah, love cooking and food too much, and if I can’t smell it, how could I ever taste it properly. Touch is off the list, too, because I have this love for textures and feeling things. My guilty pleasure is drifting through a fabric store just touching things. 🙂

    So, I guess, I have to give up my sense of direction. I get lost easily anyways…probably because I’m so often lost in thought. Perhaps my sense of style. Many of my friends would say I already have lost it. How about my sense of humor…heavens no! Can’t go without that!

    I’ll just have to count my blessings and enjoy my senses as they are. 😉

  9. God, i couldnt be able to give up senses,they are all so necessary. maybe smell , since i barley smell things anyway lol.
    I love the last picture with the wedding bands. It’s a beautiful and loving picture.

  10. In my case, I’d rather give up my hearing. The world is too noisy for me to hear any real sound. By the way, my grandpa had lost his hearing around 80, and he had led a happy life ever since, till his death at 99.

  11. LOVE it!! Finally back on the web and so back to reading blogs again 🙂 Loved the pictures and the words. Truly is a wonderful time of year. I love the geese. Makes me think of my roots out in Minnesota and the Dakotas. Beautiful. We serve a wonderful God! Glad to see you are doing well…oh and looks like you went blonde! I’m thinking about it too…getting my mojo back, ya know 😉

  12. Well I’ll answer the question: I could live without sound.
    I love food and art too much to do without the essential taste, smell, and vision senses.

    No more traffic noise, TV keeping me up at night, annoying jingles of advertisements. Peace and quiet. Although, I would never hear my daughter tell me that she loves me, that my son needs to talk about a girl at school he likes, or my husband playing his guitar. Nor would I hear the sounds of nature, those that offer tranquility and vitality to the soul.

  13. Je zvláštní pocit, číst něco od někoho, kdo je tak daleko. a přece blízko. Anna Česko-Evropa
    Zdravím a přeji krásný den.

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