Rollerskating Partay! Dolly style, of course.

South Dakota rollerskating!

Click on image to find original source. No Disco Army DJs attending, unfortunately.

Well, tonight’s the big night. Country Man and I will be rolling our sweet skates around the small town local community center, hoping to impress the mass of junior high students who will be undoubtedly flashing their own mad skills.

It’s been years since either one of us has done this. Darn us for getting involved with the children! Good thing they’re awesome.

Secretly, I am quite excited to dust off these roller legs and see how I fair compared to the 11 year-old version of myself.

Here’s hoping I look a little more like this (while skating):

South Dakota gal

Well, you know ... I'll tone it down a bit for the kids.

And a little less like:

South Dakota roller skating
Here’s to a fun-filled, limbs-in-tact night!


23 thoughts on “Rollerskating Partay! Dolly style, of course.

  1. I hope you have a blast! My son just went to a roller skating birthday party and I was amazed at his mad skills. Brought me right back to all the roller skating I did at his age. And, hey, where on earth did you find that old pic of me?! Yep, I am the Klutz Queen.

  2. WOOT!! Hope you have an amazing time. I love the flier – too cool. My secret (well, not so secret, since I’ve blogged about it) dream has long been to try out and become a roller girl. Though w/ Meniere’s it’s not happening. Good thing I have friends who do it – and can always attend local bouts. So much fun! We go roller skating pretty regularly – this winter most every Sunday – great exercise and a kicking good time. And when it gets too much for me, I can sit and watch, which is nearly as nice.


  3. I had a pair of turquoise suede roller skates with four bright yellow wheels when I was young. They were my favourite thing in the whole world. I’d forgotten about them until I read this post. Have a wonderful time!

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