I got you, babe

Reporting to you live from another sunshineless day here on this South Dakota piece of … mudland.

South Dakota ... mud
It’s been cold, it’s been wet, it’s been muddy … all a breeding ground for grumpiness, especially during calving season. And I’m not even calving! But, the end is in sight, I just know it, and we shall soon be seeing some sun in the forecast.

Country Man
With the in-laws out of town for the week, Country Man has taken over the farm. Between pulling baby calves and running from one mean momma, it’s been an interesting week.

South Dakota mean momma

Crazy eyes, snotty nose

Life on the farm isn’t always laid back, and this is quite true while calving. When the weather doesn’t accommodate, extra precautions need to be taken to make sure the calves are as warm as can be. Extra bales are rolled out, while some are brought into the small barn for shelter.

South Dakota calf and momma

Momma and her calf

However, sometimes even that is not enough. If that’s the case, it’s time for the next step.

Country Man picks her up and places her on the other side of the fence, where she can receive medicine to boost her along during this cold-weathered week.

South Dakota calf
I’d kiss her if she wasn’t still covered in her momma’s … stuff.

South Dakota cow

Speaking of her momma ...

We have another baby calf who could benefit from the warmth of the barn on this cold day. While Country Man is working out west, I will be giving him formula milk and making sure he’s warm and snug as a bug.

South Dakota calf
South Dakota calf
South Dakota calf

This is my life for the time being: praying for sunshine, sweet-talking baby calves, washing muddy clothes and boots, and watching my back for a momma cow with a chip on her shoulder …

South Dakota calves
… and making sure everyone stays warm in the process.

South Dakota calf
PS. Did you know I am on Twitter? Indeed I am! I have been for a few months now, and it’s been pretty fun in a way. I don’t tweet much, but I do follow  a few people, one of them Dolly Parton, of course. Recently, in celebration of having over one million followers (about the same as me), her team selected 100 people to give away her upcoming album in July. And guess who was among those chosen? ME! I’m a lucky gal!


24 thoughts on “I got you, babe

  1. Love your photos of the baby calves. Reminds me of when I was a child on our family’s farm we rented. When I was 4 years old we had a baby calf, which I named Pee Wee and considered mine. I was too young to remember much (thank goodness for black and white photos).

    I love that you take photos of things most people would say isn’t pretty enough, like the mud! That too me is so appealing, the way you bring the simplicity to your blog. The truth is simple is not easy, but it is basic and uncomplicated….you have regular routines and life happens. We don’t have to dress it all up to make it work. Its just that simple. That’s one reason I look forward to your regular posts. I feel as though I know you and I love the way you write and the shots you take with your camera. Please don’t stop. You are a source of encouragement.

    A fan,

  2. Fantastic news about the album! We had some pretty foul weather here a few weeks ago as calves were dropping so my kids decided to lend their ski coat to one who was born at the onset of a snowstorm (I need to post photos!). Mean Momma arrived as were were trying to take off the coat, LOL! Never a dull moment on a ranch! I credit the coat to the calf’s survival and my kids for having the innovative idea in the first place…

    Happy Easter from Eastern Washington!

  3. Those are amazing photos of the newborn calf. Hard work, though – that’s obvious.
    Congrats on winning the Dolly Parton album. I once won a Paul Anka album through a radio station (am I telling my age or what?!).
    I’m signed up for Twitter, but have never tweeted. Guess I need to learn!

  4. We have been having bad weather here as well and we are hoping for some sunny days too. Congrats on winning the album. Love the pictures of the baby calves:)

  5. Congrats on your win! The baby calves are just SO cute! We’re having the same kind of weather as you, cold, dreary, and rainy Our back yard is a marsh. I tried taking Daisy out back for a run and she ended up with so much mud on her paws she looked like she was wearing black boots! Have a Happy Easter!

  6. I grew up on a farm, and just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE calves. I can remember bottle feeding several, and watching the long lashes, and their adorable “cowlicks” on top of their heads! Oh! This post brought back memories!!


  7. hey I am from India , stay in a mad city…in your language breeding ground of all emptiness…I love your posts…photographs…the whole feel of a Farm; somewhere in the world…almost like a dream…thanks…:)

  8. Those pictures really bring me right there…mud, calves and all. Farming is such hard work and a special way of life.

    Congrats on the Dolly Parton album! The one and only time I had a brush with celebrity was with her. I was working at L.L. Beans (I lived right next door) and the rumor was she was in the hunting dept. Sure enough, I snuck down there and there was this huge crowd of burly guys (her bodyguards?) and I could barely see a tiny bit of the top of her blonde head bopping around.

  9. What a life you have! I really love all your photos and your no-nonsense — but funny! — way of describing all the ups & downs. I can’t believe all that hard work — and the way you keep your eyes on the sunshine on its way, your love for your animals and hubby, AND your Dolly Parton album!
    Happy spring & hope it dries up soon!

  10. I have to say when I first saw this post, the MUD picture, I laughed and cried. Miss Stella has discovered mud and bathing a 35 pound 3 month old newfie is quite the challenge. As I read further, I was reminded of the farm where I spent many “vacations”. One of my favorite memories there is when a “mamma” cow (yes they can have a chip on their shoulder!) didn’t have enough milk to feed her twin calves…so I got to bottle feed them! It was amazing. Oddly enough that was when I was young enough to be in elementary school and I was actually blessed with my own twins after I married : ) You have a great attitude towards life.

  11. It’s mud season here in Colorado, too… we got about two inches of snow yesterday morning, and it’s warmed up and melted off by now, but that just makes our lots and pastures even muddier. The poor horses (and the poor humans!) had thought winter was through with us, but no such luck. It’s sunny and beautiful looking out the window, but stepping outside means freezing your butt off! 😀

    Great post… I love the photos of the calves.

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