Sweet spring and on fire for summer

At the first hint of sunshine, Tobi and I took a walk.

South Dakota pup
It was windy, naturally.

South Dakota walk
We meandered on over to the cattle yard, to see the new babies that have been born.

South Dakota calves

Brown babe!

We tried to be sneaky, but were quickly found.

South Dakota cow

They're ok with people, but not a fan of the pups ... at all.

After our little windy walk, I put Tobi back on the deck and followed Country Man around as he moved the bulls into another yard. I am always in awe of the bulls; the way the remain so laid back until they’re forced to move, in which they begin fighting and charging. It’s a constant battle for dominance, usually displayed through the loudest bellowing or strongest charge. And then they get bored and eat or sleep.

The bulls moving in

The bulls running toward the open gate.

The bulls headed straight toward the lone bale a momma and calf once occupied. Apparently some tension built while being pushed into a new location.

South Dakota bull

As Country Man and another country man moved cows and babies into the area the bulls once relaxed, I walked around to admire the day and natural enclosing. A sunny day brings freedom to your soul; a soul that once felt as if it was sinking under the weight of winter.

You see, being a stay-at-home wife can be tough for this gal. It’s been a learning process of maintaining peace, but I’m getting there. It’s not so hard to do this when I can spend all day outside, surrounded by cattle and geese and pheasants and deer and the birds.

South Dakota nest

To quote C.S. Lewis in Surprised by Joy, “But solitude was nearly always at my command, somewhere in the garden or somewhere in my house.”

In the meantime, and soon to come, I have will have both of those options and not only the latter. Because summers a comin’ …

South Dakota husband and wife on fire... not really
… soon! And while spring brings in hope and renewal, summer’s reliable warm temps bring in much time to be spent outside, camping and gardening and hanging clothes up on the line and walking barefoot in the grass and riding the four wheeler through the pasture to check calves.

South Dakota pup, Bowie
Yup, lots of fun to come as consistent warm temps approach. So tell me, please … What are your favorite summer memories or upcoming plans? How do you most like to spend the time?


51 thoughts on “Sweet spring and on fire for summer

  1. My favorite summer memory was the first time we took our daughter to the beach after she came to live with us. She was only three, and we didn’t get there until about 10:30 at night, but she insisted on going to see the ocean immediately. So we walked through the campground, the three of us together, at night, and the closer we got to the beach, the louder the sound of the waves got and the wider my daughter’s eyes got. She kept saying, “Mama, I can hear the locean!” She was completely awestruck when she first saw it, at night, under a full moon. You can’t replace a memory like that!


  2. I adore these photos, especially Tobi. Growing up in a rowhouse in the middle of a big city: No relief from the heat. My parents finally bought a fan and put it in the window. My dad set it on “exhaust.” He said that would cool the house better. It was easier to stay outside all day, in the heat, playing on concrete. When I had to be inside and my dad wasn’t around, I would pull a chair up, change the setting to “Air” and stick my face right up to the fan and let the hot air blow all over my face.

  3. Loved this post!
    The quote by C. S. Lewis reminded me what my mom told me once. She said that she never got lonely (she outlived my dad by 30+ years) because she was content with her own company.
    My summer memories are of times spent outside, too, since we didn’t have air conditioning when I was growing up. Oh, but I enjoy it now!
    Looking forward to spring and summer flowers blooming!

  4. I am right with you!! OUTDOORS all the way. Whether walking or simply sitting and taking in nature’s finest, I’d rather be outside than inside any time. So enough of this typing – time for a walk with the pup! XO

  5. I love that 2nd picture. Your dog looks ready to star in the remake of The Wizard of Oz.

    Who knows what my summer plans hold with my new wee one on board. I hope a vacation! My best summer memory is sailing in the British Virgin Islands. It’s beautiful and peaceful with lots of great snorkeling.

  6. This post made me smile! Very well written…I could almost feel the wind blowing under a warm spring sun. Unfortunatley, summer in Arizona drives me inside, unless I’m in the pool. So I anticipate lots of poolside time, and hopefully a great tan to go with it! I also intend to take some vacation time in New York City and L.A. And possibly even a weekend visit to the Arizona White Mountains to escape the heat.

  7. I love gardening in the spring/summer and really love reaping the fruits of our labor – having the ability to go outside and pick fresh herbs and veggies for dinner. In fall I love walking through the woods and raking leaves, as well as going to fall festivals in small towns, discovering new places. The only thing I don’t like doing outdoors is lying in the sun – I get bored immediately and definitely prefer being active!

  8. This post wreathed my autumn morning in smiles. Solitude is a battle I fought and won earlier in life, and now I relish the time found therein. It has not always been so – I once wrestled as I see you doing so, and document your journey. ( From down the way please know it is well worth the effort. ) In my world as your sun and ground awaken, mine begins to drowse into sleep, and chill. Singlet tops become ( quite suddenly) long sleeved and I actually consider a jacket when venturing out. Enjoy your spring and summer.

  9. Like the one of the wee dog on top of the straw with clouds behind, did you see the tiny tiny dog on Snowgood the other day? It stood at about 3 inches tall, even I found it gorgeous….keep the C S Lewis quotes coming, would that he were alive today to impart his wisdom.

  10. I love planting my garden vegetables and flowers. I spent a great portion of the day rearranging and arranging everything. I prefer warmer weather and really enjoy being outdoors:)

  11. Beautiful! Love the pics, second pic makes me think of Wizard of Oz…the bonfire picture is great.

    Favorite Summer memories are: Laying on the shed roof reading as a kid, having blueberry muffins and coffee on the patio with my dear, dear friend and neighbor, hanging clothes on the line, the smell of clover warming in the sun, blindingly yellow dandelions against kelly green grass, straining my ears to hear something not of nature and failing

  12. The bull staring you down reminded me of our first bull. He hated me and my son but loved my husband. He would charge me each time I came near the fence and he literally butted my son off his feet. The only person he’d tolerate coming near him was my husband, he even let him pet him on the nose.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics.

  13. I just love reading about your world. Having been brought up in the center of London and only ever having lived in cities I am excited to read of your daily life. I love your little dog. My little dog once decided to play with a herd of cows, but quickly changed her mind when they came charging towards here. She weighs 4kgs and thinks she is as big as all other animals. PS her best friend is an Afghan hound.

  14. I’m an Indian (from India). Indian summer is quite different than Summer in your country. We try to remain indoors to beat the heat. I used to enjoy my summers while I was at school. Summer holiday (In India schools are off in Summer and not in Winter) meant a lot of playing.

  15. My summer memories growing up in Kansas in the 60’s was playing outside all day and into the night. I rode my bike all over town from one side to the other without a worry or care in the world (back then my mom and dad didn’t have to worry much either in those days). I use to pack a sack lunch and ride to the park to explore or ride to the swimming pool. Once in a while a friend would ride bikes with me but most of the time I was off on an adventure in solitude. I played outside with my neighborhood friends catching lightning bugs (fireflies) and collecting locust shells. Always looked forward to visiting my grandparents on their farm where I would chase the chickens, play in the hay mow, watch grandpa milking the cows, building a tree house and pretty much anything that could be explored and imagined outside. One time we visited my other grandparents who lived in the country also but they didn’t have running water or electricity. I remember one summer it was so hot and I was very young probably 5 or 6 years old. My mom and I had to stay with the grandparents for awhile to take care of my grandmother. We slept upstairs of a 2 story house without electricity. I remember crying myself to sleep listening to the coyotes howling while my mother leaned over me in bed fanning me for a long time till I fell asleep because it was so hot. I hated using the outhouse and at night upstairs we had a pee pot and longing for the comforts at our own home but still, I found something to explore even there on that farm. I was fascinated by cowpies in the pasture. lol

    Today, a woman of 55, I finally have my own country home and my grandkids are visiting me. I love gardening and puttering outside in the yard, taking long walks along the country road and…..I’m still exploring the countryside on my bike.

  16. Your dog is adorable, my dog just runs away when ever I get the camera out. Great shots by the way. I just spent the weekend in the country, and I have to say after some initial resistance, I did end up loving it.

  17. What a wonderful post–I enjoyed every minute. And Tobi is a fetching subject (but she(?)probably already knows that!)

    We’ll get to Maine for a bit this summer as we do every summer to see my family and catch up with very dear friends. I miss the water most of all. That rugged coast, the rugosa roses that line the sandy path to the beach.

  18. Beautiful post. I cannot wait for that smell of summer. Staying out at the beach all day and going home to shower up for dinner from the grill.

  19. “A sunny day brings freedom to your soul; a soul that once felt as if it was sinking under the weight of winter.”

    Beautiful writing and photography. I love the “windy” photo! Your puppy is very photogenic.

  20. Can’t wait for it to dry up enough so I can get in my flower beds. Planted some in pots while it is so wet right now. Makes me want to get out there and dig in the dirt. We are also planning to create a dry creek bed and water feature in our back yard. I have wanted this for a long time so I am excited. I also love to watch the grandchildren and godchildren play in our huge front yard! Four kids from 7 years to 2 years create a whole lot of fun and entertainment.
    Happy Spring (finally!)

  21. Wow I found you from Freshly Pressed and I can see why you got on there. I love the coon! Your photo’s are awesome.

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