Gardening, a labor of love

Gardening in one’s head, like many things in life, usually turns out differently in reality. When ordering up the wonderful vegetable goodness, drooling over spaghetti squash and daydreaming over wildflowers, my mouse clicked fast … that, that, this, yes, this! Let’s order while hungry – always a good idea!

Needless to say, this year’s garden will be bigger, grander, more extravagant than ever! Filled with popcorn, sweet corn, onions and, of course, sweet potatoes, our garden will be the source of nourishment for months to follow after harvesting.

Yesterday I made my way out to the tilled and fertilized ground, onions and tools in hand. I began my small journey through the thick grass, no longer afraid of the many snakes I come across, only to turn around as the cold wind reminded me boots would be a smart wear today. I begrudgingly put them on, as well as Country Man’s red work shirt, and made my way to beautiful retreat in the garden.

South Dakota gal's footwear

Boots - check.

South Dakota dog

Old farm dog - check.

South Dakota bull

Curious bull going to the bathroom right next to me - check check.

South Dakota garter snake

Friendly garter snake - check!

For a few hours, I carefully dug and planted, until the two rows of onions were nearly straight. I setup the hose and gently watered them, proud of a my little onion buds.

I rested on my knees, listening to the sounds of birds mimic cat whines, so much that I would stop planting and say, Kitty, are you here? Meow meow Kitty! And then realize I have been fouled again by those feathered tricksters.

Collecting the gardening gear, I stood up to look around this farm land. The newly budding apple trees, the two rows of potatoes planted, the old farm dog acting like a pup … and felt thankful for the peace that comes through gardening, especially among a life that is not perfect, not fairytale, not always ideal. But it’s good.

South Dakota farm dog
Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday, friends.

Here’s a flower, from my home to yours.

South Dakota flower


43 thoughts on “Gardening, a labor of love

  1. Will be my first veggie garden this year. Gonna try the square foot gardening method by Mel Batholomew. Figured a new (confirmed improved) method is the best way to learn for the first time of actual application. Whatcha got to lose, I asked myself. Bought my seeds and cleared the old existing garden plot out back of the garage. Since we are new to life in the country, I guess I better to learn canning also.

  2. I just wandered out to check the tomato and pepper plants that have been in the ground for two weeks. After much rain and a slight frost last night, not sure how well they will do. We are going to build a new raised vegetable garden this summer so our gardening will be limited except for the flower gardens.

  3. Sounds like you enjoy gardening. I like planting and harvesting, but the in-between, no so much! Will do it again this year anyway…the convenience of having fresh produce right in the backyard is too good to pass up. I remember wishing for more space to garden when I was in FL. Now I have all the space I could want and more, but just have to find the motivation to use it! Love your checklist! The bull…lol.

  4. At least you get to see the results of your hard work. We planted all these fruit trees at our house, and the deers came and ate them. The trees won’t grow anymore 😦

      • We have heaps of dogs, I was told that the smell alone would keep them away.
        Dad has changed the location and moved them more towards the house.
        Fingers crossed that it works.

  5. That little snake will appreciate the bugs that visit your garden and show his appreciation by keeping their populations down. What a great guy to have around!

    We’re planning raised beds. My starts have been out on the porch for a month now. We’re just hesitating to see if our offer on a house will be accepted or not. We should know next week! Then, up go the beds and in go the plants!

  6. Your garden plans are great! I too am pleased that it is finally getting warm enough to garden. I can’t wait until we can live full time on our land.

  7. Loved your post. I expanded my vegetable garden this year and it’s doing well, but of course the real Oklahoma heat hasn’t set in yet. When that happens, I become the water wench… dragging hoses around this place. We have a lot of flower beds and new landscaping as well, so there’s plenty of watering to do in the heat!

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