Dodging wasps and DIY garden shed

Wasp dodging has been a sport of mine lately, and I am learning its art well. Of course, now that I say this, the next time I update you I will be swollen with the sting.

South Dakota garden area

Dandelion field by the garden. Spraying is in the future...

Unlike their less-scary cousin, the Bumblebee, wasps are in no way cute. It’s usually in the moment when I am laughing at someone rant about their fear of snakes, feeling haughty and invincible, that a wasp will buzz near my head, causing the just moments ago calm and collected gal to run like a fool.

Ah, we all have our weakness(es), I suppose.

South Dakota shed

Like sunsets or colored skies… or seeing an old shed not as it is, but with a creative, forward-thinking vision that requires his own hands to make the old new .

Aka, another DIY project around the farm. Our motto: idleness is the devil’s tool! Well, it’s going to be now anyway.

South Dakota garden shed

After a little re-siding, it is off to a more accessible spot.

South Dakota garden shed

To be moved here, facing west toward the garden.

South Dakota shed

A new door waits patiently in the garage.

South Dakota shed

New shingling to come.

South Dakota country man
Country Man and Father-in-law placed it on the blocks, and is almost ready for more renovation. Further updates will be in the future as the finish grows near. My job in all this? Painting the outside. Any suggestions? Our house and garage are a gray-blue, and the shingles for the garden shed are dark green.

Until next time…

South Dakota pup


37 thoughts on “Dodging wasps and DIY garden shed

  1. I vote for dark red on the garden shed — it’ll look great with the dark green shutters, and won’t be
    hard to keep clean like white might be. LOVE all your cheerful dandelions … and all your projects!
    I need to go out and plant my containers — pronto! you’re making me feel lazy!!! happy wednesday!

  2. I agree, Red is essential for barns. I don’t know why and am trying to convince my hubby that our shed needs to be red. No luck so far. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I try to stay away from wasps as well, but the bees do me more harm. One sting and I swell up!
    Hoping you continue your record in wasp dodging.

  3. Get creative with portraits of your doggies! Or a big NO WASPS sign. Here in Texas at the restaurants with patios, they hang clear plastic bags full of water to deter flying pests. Either that or that’s the sprinkler system in case of a fire.

    • haha, oh my, I imagine people (husband) already think I am nuts over my dogs… portrait-ing them on the shed would only validate their concern. Plus, neither one of us are artistically gifted. And I will seriously have to look into the water bag thing – sounds like it has multiple benefits!! πŸ™‚

  4. I agree with the concensus – red for barns and what is a garden shed but a mini barn?? Wasps seem to like to attach themselves near warmth in winter here and their ugly looking nests seem to appear overnight near window jambs and doors. While spring and summer sweeps your world, the chill gathers round my ankles and toesies here.

  5. You wouldn’t be talkin bout this fraidy cat would ya? πŸ™‚ I am on my way shortly to rid my mailbox of a wasp nest….didn’t figure I should attempt it while holding the baby! Red with green shutters would be cute….I mean practicle!

  6. Just found your blog via another from a comment you made … you pulled me in on your first post! I like the color red for the shed as well. Can’t wait to see the finished project! Good luck.

  7. I started reading you blogs a while back and have decided you are an awesome wife to a hardworking man! Two things that I can relate to easily! Hope to learn more from your insights and pictures

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