Country road drive and coons alive

It’s raining coons here, by the double. That might make more sense later.

As I write this, hail cometh down stern, and thunder shakes this tin-roofed house hard.

And I think I’m in love with spring again…

Country Man called me up to tell me of a new farm find while moving panels, or something of the sort. I asked if I could swing over and take some photos? Yes, come over now.

South Dakota road

South Dakota drive

Looking toward the west, the sky was telling me it wasn’t long before another downpour was to come. I would have only a short time to enjoy this beautiful day.

In celebration, I rolled the window down and let the country air run wild through my face and hair.

South Dakota field
South Dakota field
South Dakota bales

Yes, in love with spring and in love with green and in love with new life and rolling hills supreme.

I pulled into the drive, camera in hand, and was met by Country Man. He greeted me with a smile and quick kiss, and off we were to see his new furry find.

And here, folks, is another thing of spring that makes my heart erupt with joy:

South Dakota coon

South Dakota's very own baby raccoon!

Country Man and his ranch hand friend came upon a momma and her seven babes. They placed them all in this red tub, left to do some more work, and came back to a tub laying on its side with two young ones left behind.

South Dakota coons

Left is female (vicious one!) and right is male (timid one).

The long-snout creatures with ash circled eyes were a bit scared, and the female a bit wild.

South Dakota coons

South Dakota coons

My sister wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if we made a raccoon part of our little family. She often asks on the phone, “How is your elephant doing? The zebra?” She’s a funny one.

South Dakota coons

Baby coons won’t be coming to aΒ  household near here, though. Between Kitty, three Yorkies and two hunting dogs, I’d be worrying myself silly over that little thing.

But they sure are cute, aren’t they?

South Dakota coon
Country Man placed them back in the tub and we left, knowing their momma was anxiously lurking in the shadows to come back and claim her two remaining kin.

I hopped in my ride and headed for home.

South Dakota imagery
South Dakota tree

South Dakota

A reflection of the wild ride of teenage boys.

What a good day.


49 thoughts on “Country road drive and coons alive

  1. What beautiful scenery! That second to the last picture was my favorite.
    I would have been afraid that Mama Raccoon would have attacked me while I was “messin’ with her babies”!

  2. What a fun discovery… I have it on good authority (my Mister) that racoons do not make good pets… but it also probably would help if you started them as pets when they were babies… no caged adults πŸ˜‰
    I still wouldn’t do it, they are sneaky things, best left to the outdoors.
    beautiful photos, looks like spring has sprung for you all finally. Yay!
    Happy Monday

    • You and the mister are right about making raccoons as a pet! We could have done so with one of those in the red tub, but it still would have been a challenge since their eyes were already opened. I have known a few people who have had them as pets, but they do love to get into things! And yes, spring is here… phew!

  3. I never saw a baby coon before. Thanks for sharing. Its awesome — new birth but coons….yeah, they definitely belong in the wild. What troublesome critters they can be when near civilization. Loved the pic of the classic shot up stop sign!!! classic nostalgia

  4. Those baby raccoons are so cute!! Such sweet faces and soft eyes.

    It’s a tease when you get a little blue sky and sunshine amid a solid week of rain, isn’t it? That’s what we had, and we’re right back to gray and rain again. ::sigh:: It’s gotta break *sometime*!

  5. You always find a way to make the simple, beautiful things around you seem so magical and your gorgeous photos convey their true magnificence….LOVE the country roads and all that Dakota sky!

  6. We had a raccoon under our deck the other night….our outside dogs were going wild AT 3 o’clock IN THE MORNING. The raccoon wasn’t coming out, and the dogs couldn’t get all the way under to get it. It made for a VERY LOUD and SLEEPLESS night.

  7. Oh those Racoon’s are so cute. I want one. One day I would love to live in the country with lots of animals. I have my eyes set on getting a pig when I own my first home but I have been told Im not allowed, because we cannot get anything from a pig but only smell and oink noises. So chickens and a goat it is for some eggs and goats milk.

    But pigs are so cute.

  8. Your pictures are stunning, for sure, but your camera captured only the scenery that was already there. It was your words that I was even more impressed with because you created them. So much of this post is like beautiful poetry. Loved it!

  9. Hello from Texas!
    I was just here at Word Press trying to figure out if I want to create a blog. Right now I’m using Blogger and it’s having problems for fellow Blogspot bloggers in the comments section!
    And then somehow I end up finding your lovely blog…Gorgeous photos! You and your hubby have a beautiful place!
    I’ll be looking for more gorgeous shots from here!
    Have a wonderful and warm day…

  10. WOW, talk about skies going on forever. You live in a mighty gorgeous place. The coons are adorable; so glad my daughters weren’t there or you KNOW what I’d be feeding right about now..

  11. The pictures of the road and sky are breathtaking! I happened to drive across country twice and I remember distinctly the endless gorgeous sky out there. So peaceful. I am a sucker for wide open spaces. And the baby raccoons are sweet as can be, of course. Those pics combined with your words always manage to brighten up my morning.

  12. I am in need of your husbands cooncatching skills. We have some holed up in a out buildings ceiling and are at a loss as to how to encourage them to move out. Apparently they like it there and have no intentions of leaving!! Maybe they will go on a vacation and not return to there!!

  13. Yes baby coons are so cute, but the adults will tear up those cute little puppies! And they carry rabies around here. Be careful and let them remain wild. I love to watch them but don’t want to get close.
    Pictures are great and glad your hubby called you to share in this springtime fun.

    • I would be more worried about the big dogs with coons! They have brought home a many rodents. A couple of my friends have made them pets, and they are lots of fun, but lots of work, too. If you find them with their eyes still closed, the better off you are. Thanks for reading, Nan, always good to hear from you!

  14. I l-o-v-e, love your pictures of clouds. Great. Racoons are cuties. We have families living in our neighborhood. The saunter past our patio at dusk, take a drink from our water garden and ogle the koi. So far, the koi are safe.

  15. Wow thanks for sharing a window into your wide expansive world! I love seeing South Dakota and baby racoons! How amazing, made my day! You are the 1st blog I’ve ever subscribed to, I want to learn more about the country life!

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  17. Awe! Coons are so sweet! My brother used to have some baby ones as pets. One he kept for almost a year before he released it at a forest preserve and another time he had a set of four. Only two lasted about six months and then were put on the small farm where my parents lived. They were so sweet and fun, and I think made nice house pets πŸ™‚ my sister saw a coon about a year later on their farm and it came when she called to her, it was nice to know that our little Bertha had made it πŸ™‚ now whenever I see a dead coon on the side of the road I feel sad for it and the babies it might have left behind. I’m with your sister on this one, this spring maybe rescue some little coons πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Faith! Your comment made me smile. I cannot believe the coon remembered your sister! That sounds like a scene from a movie.

      As for keeping one as a pet… a few good friends of mine tried that, and it never fails that they return to the wildness as they get older. So they become half tame, half wild, which is endearing, but can create a mess in your home. With that and our farm dogs, I’d be a worried mess. My husband actually traps coons, and are considered a type of farm rodent. But I will always have a soft spot for every young creature I am fortunate enough to meet. Thank you so much for stopping in!

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