Sunset fishin’

South Dakota after the storm

It’s been a long week on the farm.

The fields kept Country Man away all day, like the cattle did yesterday.

Mowing, bagging, gardening and sneezing kept me entertained. Once husband sped home, we intended to work on the garden shed; a plan to prepare it for painting. Paint it red.

It was a beautiful night. We sat down on the front steps, looked at one another, looked at the shed. Looked at one another, looked at the shed. Looked at one another again, and said…

Let’s go fishing!

South Dakota fishing

After loading up the fishing necessities, we hopped into his pickup (story of my life!), and headed down to a spot where the water is low and the fish are below (a very important aspect of fishing).

South Dakota fishing

A vacation at home.

We casted the lines and sat down in our chairs, breathing in the fresh country air.

South Dakota country man

The quick jerks of the line informed us a nibbling fish arrived.

I reeled in a three pound catfish and husband caught some nice looking walleye.

South Dakota country man and fishing


South Dakota fishing lines

You know what’s on the menu around here for a few days.

South Dakota fishing
Fish and Hutterite asparagus and spinach salad.

South Dakota sunset

After a few hours it was time to call it quits and fillet the fish.

South Dakota fishing

A home to welcome us back!

South Dakota night, after the storm

A few happy things about summertime: the fishing and the sunsets.


56 thoughts on “Sunset fishin’

  1. That looks like a lot of fun!! I haven’t been fishing in forever. And dinner sounds great… makes me want fish and asparagus now… hmmm.. wonder if I can get salmon on sale anywhere!

  2. I miss catfish. Growing up in Kansas that is all we ever caught and I love it. Here where I live now there are all kinds, the big catch is perch which is not really that big in size compared to the others. I just bought my fishing license but haven’t been out yet. Loved the pictures. How far away is the lake from your house? If you said, I must have missed it.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Gotta love that kind of change in plans! Oh! And I think this is the first blogging reference I have seen of Hutterites. Do you buy produce from them? There are colonies about 15 miles both north and south of us and while I have been curious, I have yet to learn much more about them than what my husband knows and has told me.

    • We have a colony about three miles from our house. They farm a lot of land, and raise a huge amount of chickens. The families often share from their large gardens with the neighbors. Some day down the road I might have to expand on what I’ve learned of the Hutterites and their way of life. You will find they are often very welcoming to people, and I’m sure they’d be happy to give you a tour if you and your family are interested. You may even leave with some goodies… 🙂

  4. I love that last photograph with the sunset! I miss fishing…I live in North Florida now but the best fishing was in Upper Michigan! Sometimes I long to go back there but then I remember that summer never happens in that part of the country. I get cold easily! LOL

  5. So glad you both decided that fishing was the better plan than working on the shed at that moment. The shed will still get done, but you had a really beautiful evening and some nice fish to show for it.

  6. Lovely pictures. They make me want to go fishing! We’ve not been fishing yet since we moved here to Virginia Beach, but I hear the fishing is great in Chesapeake Bay.

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