Hisses and Strawberry Kisses

Country Man and I enjoyed our trip to the Sunflower State, soon receiving some firsthand information about our southern neighbor… it is capital H-O-T in Kansas.  So hot, in fact, that I thought, I’ll take South Dakota winters over this 104 degree June sauna any day! But I know Kansasites are thinking, yeah, you’re nuts and you can take your -20 winters and frostbit noses and sunshineless-induced mental instability AND your little dogs, too.

Kansas folks and their never-ending references to The Wizard of Oz. Or maybe that’s just everyone else. Or me.

It was a fun adventure to pick up a John Deere tractor part, our time including some very nice people (but no Cheesecake Factory).

But hey, we come from the country; give us three or more restaurant options and you’ve got some happy campers!

On the journey home, we picked the pups up from the vet clinic, and what do you suppose we discovered around the corner?

Think Sarah McLaughlin.
Think ASPCA.
Think big wet eyes staring straight into your soul.
Cue big time suckers like us.

South Dakota Kitty

Meow, it is I, feisty kitty and king of sad eyes!

A kind local farmer dropped off Kitty-yet-to-be-named after he had a run in with a blade. He’s all better now.

South Dakota Kitty

How do you know I'm better, woman?! I need a lifetime of TLC! Look into the eyes!

Since white Kitty, aka Hitler, ran away a few months back,  charcoal kitty is on deck to fill the void. From the evidence around the farm and the bulge of her belly, black Kitty has her paws full with the mice and could use a little help.

I just can’t help myself… two kitties to roam the farm now. Hope they get along. Lord help me.

That face.

South Dakota kitty

We’re thinking of calling him Coal. For some reason it just fits his personality and easily his color.

South Dakota Kitty

I like cats now. I’m becoming a cat person. What’s become of me?!

South Dakota Kitty

Happy Saturday from the Strawberry Fields of South Dakota!


34 thoughts on “Hisses and Strawberry Kisses

  1. Aw, I love Coal. So sweet! We’d love to get a cat (I’d love a dog too) but my daughter is still deathly afraid of them. Glad that your trip went well even with no Cheesecake Factory. 🙂

  2. I am loving the kitty! They are so cute and sweet. I would say that this little guy is definitely worth the trade off of no Cheesecake Factory. I fun journey is about to begin with some great new memories! : )

  3. Precious, precious, precious!! I love kitties! I know you’ll give this one a lifetime of TLC! Is that the scar I see in the first picture? If so, I think Coal used up one of his 9 lives!!

    Please post pictures often – I love posts about kitty-furs!

  4. I love kitties too, but I’m much more allergic to them than dogs… But I miss having a cat to welcome me home on the porch and garden with me. Enjoy your new babycat.

  5. You hit the nail on the head. We have to decide which of the evils we can live with cold or hot. I picked cold and mother nature is still snowing on me this week in Montana. In spite of my whining I know I like it better than hot.

  6. Welcome Coal! He’s beautiful. It looks like he might enjoy those strawberries. He’ll be a great help to your other kitty.

    There’s a stray kitty in my neighborhood who has taken a shine to Reggie when we go on our walks. I didn’t think of myself as a cat person either, but this kitty could change my mind.

    PS – I know what you mean about that ASPCA commercial.

  7. That scar is horrendous! It’s a miracle he’s alive isn’t it?! He’s a blessed cat for sure.
    Up until about year ago I was a self professed non-cat person…the farm/ranch cat here with his loveable-crazy-feisty attitude converted me.
    Have a great week!

  8. I cannot imagine my life without both cats and dogs. When I’ve had just one, I’ve needed the other to bring balance.

    Coal is adorable! He looks a lot like my Sterling, who was a stray with a broken leg that just showed up one day. Of course, Sterling had a run in with something a few months later and came home with a chunk taken out of his neck, near where Coal’s stitches were. Sterling is healed up just fine, but I think he used up a couple lives much like your Coal.

  9. Love the new addition to your family. I want a cat so bad, but our little doxie is not a fan. One day. Can’t wait.

    And your strawberries look delish! Went to a local farm on Saturday to pick blueberries and now I want to start a garden and grow my own stuff… next year. 🙂

  10. Ahh so very cute. There is one that looks like him at my work. He is there to catch all the mice that we seem to have. Our kitten at home is growing up fast too. It is amazing how fast they grow. Good choice of name!!

  11. NO CHEESECAKE??!! But the tractor part made up for it, right? John Deere, be still my heart…

    Coal is adorable. I used to be a cat person. Now I am a dog person. Well, technically, I am a bird, rat, hamster, guinea pig, dog person who still loves cats but can’t have any b/c he/she would kill or be killed. Nice, huh?

    Give Coal a snuggle for me. 🙂

  12. Isn’t that just the kind of story that pulls at your heartstrings! He is so darned cute…he looks very mischievous with that scar…hope he gets along well with black Kitty.

    • Well, I googled it the other day and read that cats often fight, regardless if they’re new to one other or not. My husband (and me with one hand over my eyes) let them roam on the deck with the pups, and so far the big Kitty has just hissed and growled. I read if it turns ugly, to do something loud, like clap your hands to make them stop. Sorry you has an unpleasant encounter with your cats!

      Thank you for the kind words!

  13. I hope your cat is more of a mouser than ours. All they do is lay around and eat the cat food we put out. I tell my husband we are feeding them too well.
    Pretty kitty and so sweet of you all to take Coal in and give him a good home. Hope he gets along with the pups.

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  16. On this day, I was marrying my husband! It is so cool to look back and see what you were doing on this day. I am loving Coal and the first photo of him peeking through the strawberry plants. Someday I’ll be a retired teacher and crazy cat lady. 🙂 Happy blogging!

    P.S. My sister is pregnant and going to name her baby boy Cole. ❤

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